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just started listening to
I wonder whether it's sufficiently in line with US "unprovoked attacks" propaganda as to not trigger naysaying and strawmen responses such as that US's role in the conflict somehow absolves Russia's 2023-05-27 23:45

I've read a lot about how fair elections get denounced as unfair by US-mandated observers, and vice-versa. I've lived through obviously stolen elections that were claimed to be fair, and through AFAICT fair elections that were claimed to be stolen. it takes more than propaganda disguised as evidence for me to believe this sort of claim. 2023-05-27 23:32

oh, I don't dispute at all that the Russian empire has been a horrible master to its neighbor countries. I heard all about that from grandma, she was Ukrainian.
but that doesn't make the US a better master, or a less evil empire
that Russia's neighbors feel more strongly about Russia than about the US, and perceive in the US a solution for its troubles with Russia, is quite familiar to me. Latin Americans would like feel symmetrically about the US empire.
what sucks is that picking different global empires to be subservient to is really not a good path to make one's own country better off in the long run. it's just a way for things to remain sucking, perhaps in a slightly different way. 2023-05-27 23:29

promoting a coup d'état is kind of opposite to recognizing a country's sovereignty, though. provoking aggression by a third party to attract the victim to your lap is quite an effective tool in the global empire tricks handbook. but yeah, people who haven't been paying attention and who're bombarded by propaganda may fall for that. 2023-05-27 17:48

wake up, europeans and USians 2023-05-27 16:07

Alexandre Oliva started following Richard Stallman. 2023-05-25 02:37

IRPF-Livre 2023
Alexandre Oliva 2023-05-14

IRPF-Livre 2023
Alexandre Oliva 2023-05-14

IRPF-Livre 2023
Alexandre Oliva 2023-05-14

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