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why oh why aren't other people who claim to care about accessibility up in arms about this? :-( 2024-06-22 09:28

I don't think your analogy fits. I perceive the power of these behemoths as the danger. if we open ourselves to their dominion (vs to their users), if our safe havens get so contaminated as to become part of their cesspools, then users won't be better off by coming our way, it won't be escaping their dominion, it would be more like escaping from visa to mastercard, because it would still be the same connected network, with even more monsters gathering our data and exerting their power to influence our responses to turn us into their zombies.
my premise is that networks that get connected to the cesspits will be assimilated rather than offer an escape path. conversely, those that preserve themselves from the controlling monsters and do not get assimilated will not provide the easier escape path, because they are not connected, so they don't provide the software escape path.
so I'm not really seeing how it's going to work. I hope it does, and I appreciate that you've pointed out the mistake in one of the points I had misunderstood. keep up the great stuff! 2024-06-22 03:02

if they end up on another server that's connected to the same *verse as f*k, how is that not the same cesspool? how is that leaving?
worse: if every nascent network goes for such interoperation, there won't be any way to stay away from that cesspool.
I love the notion of adversarial interoperation, and I think it makes a lot of sense to mandate it onto dominant players
but it looks like we're still missing an important part of the puzzle to avoid making the problem worse by connecting our safe havens to the cesspool 2024-06-22 00:30

thanks for the link. it doesn't seem to address my concerns, though. they boil down to the colonial effects of merging a behemoth network with a nascent one. there are decent reasons for the fediverse to be hesitant with federation with e.g. threads (heh, I freudian-typoed it as threats at first :-), or even with the waves of users from ex-twitter, who bring their toxic habits with them and seems to bring us closer to being in the same cesspool they left. 2024-06-21 23:52

like, please fax this back to me when you're done reading it, I need to keep a copy in my files 2024-06-21 23:22

o brasil, neste inverno austral, vai experimentar o fenômeno climático el (infer)niño 2024-06-21 23:15

o brasil, neste inverno austral, vai experimentar o fenômeno climático el (infer)niño

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