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RT @fsf Meanwhile, at the FSF headquarters in Boston, MA, things are getting very real in preparation for our # event. We've got festive # balloons and a helium tank, the face painter is practicing her GNU-painting skills, we've posted fliers around town, and, as always, we've got some original hand-drawn GNU illustrations displayed in the office. More info: # # # # 2023-09-29 14:50

I've been thinking about that, and I came up with this theory that this is a fundamental difference between faith and science
when the argument presented by the person is more like a scientific theory, and available data contradicts it, the reaction is often of interest, to adjust the theory to best integrate the data
but when the argument is more like religious dogma, that the person identifies deeply with, when faced with a contradiction that threatens that identity, it triggers an "identity protection" reaction that amounts to negation, rejection, and ultimately retreat from the conversation
please bring counterpoints so that we can refine or correct the theory :-) 2023-09-29 12:54 2023-09-28 19:39 -> is a useful intro to technofeudalism, a term that you didn't appear to be familiar with 2023-09-28 14:48

I'm attached to concepts, not to implementations, especially to implementations that didn't achieve the goal. I learn from them and move on, instead of getting stuck in the past like your propaganda does. Attaching strawman labels like you do is no more than sophistry to avoid debating the concepts. I'm not interested in the sort of "command economy" you speak of, don't waste your time criticizing that to me. to me, that's a bug of capitalist thinking projected onto what they (you?) don't get and fear. capitalist companies organize into central command structures, which oppresses everyone but the top, and capitalists are terrified of seeing what they do unto others done unto them. I call you on that bullshit. I propose radically democratic small-scale controls. truly democratic, rather than the illusion of democracy we live in today. I fight for freedom, I fight for democracy, I fight for human rights, I believe in collective action. I'm still waiting for your feeble attempt at explaining how accumulation of capital, the primary element of capitalism, doesn't entail exponential growth. and the reason I responded with "social democracy", because you seem to have missed the subtlety, is that though the US perceives that as some radical left wing, it's no more than center-right-wing. 2023-09-28 11:14

what do you expect me to say? social democracy? ;-P nah, not interested in playing this game. 2023-09-27 23:31

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IRPF-Livre 2023
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IRPF-Livre 2023
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IRPF-Livre 2023
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