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look ma, I'm going to speak at LibrePlanet this year!
Software enshittification or freedom? It's not a hard choice!
When: Sunday 14:00 - 14:45 EDT (18:00 UTC)
Room: Jupiter -- in-person
See you there? 2024-03-01 23:15

look ma, I'm going to speak at LibrePlanet this year!
Software enshittification or freedom? It's not a hard choice!
When: Sunday 14:00 - 14:45 EDT (18:00 UTC)
Room: Jupiter -- in-person
See you there?

In court, you have to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
What an irony that courts then turn around and condemn people for doing exactly that.
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Filmmaker Yuval Abraham: Death threats after accusations by German politicians

On Tuesday evening, Israeli filmmaker Yuval Abraham ("No Other Land") reported on X about threats against himself and his family following accusations of anti-Semitism by German politicians after his Berlinale appearance:

'A right-wing Israeli mob came to my family's house yesterday looking for me, threatening close family members who fled to another city in the middle of the night. I am still receiving death threats and had to cancel my flight home. This happened after Israeli media and German politicians absurdly labeled my award speech at the Berlinale - in which I called for equal rights between Israelis and Palestinians, a ceasefire and an end to apartheid - as "anti-Semitic". The appalling misuse of this word by Germans, not only to silence Palestinian critics of Israel, but also to silence Israelis like me who support a ceasefire that would end the killing in Gaza and allow the release of Israeli hostages, empties the word anti-Semitism of its meaning, endangering Jews around the world. Since my grandmother was born in a concentration camp in Libya and most of my grandfather's family was murdered by Germans in the Holocaust, I find it particularly outrageous that German politicians in 2024 have the audacity to use this term against me in a way that endangers my family. Most importantly, this behavior endangers the life of Palestinian co-director Basel Adra, who lives under a military occupation - surrounded by violent settlements - in Masafer Yatta. He is in far greater danger than I am. I am pleased that our award-winning film "No Other Land" is sparking an important international debate on this issue, and I hope that millions of people will see the film once it is released in theaters. We made the movie to start a discussion. You can be harshly critical of what Basel and I said on stage without demonizing us. - If that's what you do with your guilt for the Holocaust. I don't want to carry your guilt.

Muffle the protest

#AaronBushnell #freepalestine

So I found Aaron Bushnell’s reddit and went through his comments/posts. That young man was well read and stable as they can be. Nothing in his writings pointed to someone who was “unstable” or “brainwashed”.

He held leftist and anarchist ideals. He belong to the ACAB subreddit. He recognized the evil of the US Military even though he himself was apart of it. He hated TERFS and called out fatphobia. He understood the dangers of white supremecy and the evils of capitalism.

He had a cat. He liked the show fleabag and played elden ring.

Apparently in his will he wants to leave any money in his name to palestinian relief funds. He was trying to find a new owner for his cat.

Rest in power Aaron Bushnell. The world won’t forget & we sure as fuck won’t let the media paint you out to be some crazy conspiracy theorist who had no idea what he was doing.
-from #murphmurphthejerk

"Our film “No Other Land” on occupied Masafer Yatta’s brutal expulsion won best documentary in Berlinale. Israel’s channel 11 aired this 30 second segment from my speech, insanely called it “anti semitic” - and I’ve been receiving death threats since. I stand behind every word."

  • Yuval Abraham יובל אברהם (@yuval_abraham) February 25, 2024

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Mc Carthyism - Made in Germany:

Berlinale: Filmmakers say what the rest of the world is saying

At the Berlinale film festival, Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers called for equality and peace. German politicians want to ban such hateful talk (Nathaniel Flakin)

The Berlinale film festival ended on Saturday evening with a gala, but if you read the German press, it was actually a »scandal«. The speeches were »alarming«, »shameful«, and »frightening«, full of »Israel hatred« and »antisemitism«. What had happened?

Yuval Abraham and Basel Adra, an Israeli and a Palestinian, won an award for their documentary film »No Other Land«. Abraham spoke for just 36 seconds:
»In two days, we will go back to a land where we are not equal. I am living under a civilian law, and Basel is under military law. We live 30 minutes from one another, but I have voting rights, and Basel is not having voting rights. I am free to move where I want in this land. Basel is, like millions of Palestinians, locked in the occupied West Bank. This situation of apartheid between us, this inequality, it has to end.«

His co-producer Adra took just 21 seconds: »I'm here celebrating the award, but also very hard for me to celebrate when there are tens of thousands of my people being slaughtered and massacred by Israel in Gaza. Masafer Yatta, my community, is being also razed by Israeli bulldozers. I ask one thing from Germany, as I am in Berlin here, to respect the UN calls and stop sending weapons to Israel.«

These are sober statements of liberal democratic principles. Who would dare to contradict? Should systematic inequality based on ethnicity (known in international law as »apartheid«) continue? Should Germany keep ignoring UN resolutions?

"Clear message at @berlinale ceremony by Basel Adra, co-producer of "No Other Land": "There are 10s of 1000s of my people being #Israel in #Gaza. I ask 1 thing from respect the #UN calls and stop sending weapons to Israel"

  • Prof. Hanna Kienzler 🧡 🇵🇸 (@HannaKienzler) February 25, 2024

An Israeli and a Palestinian stood together against the militaristic logic of both Likud and Hamas. It's an inspiring message – yet I have not found a single German publication that has quoted them in full.

Rather than engaging in debate, German politicians are demanding censorship. Olaf Scholz and his top cultural bureaucrat Claudia Roth each called the speeches »shockingly one-sided«. Justice minister Marco Buschmann called for »criminal consequences«. Even Anne Helm of the Left Party declared that »a line has been crossed«.

Berlin's mayor Kai Wegner called this an »unacceptable relativization« and declared that »there is no space for antisemitism in Berlin, and that also applies to the art scene.« This is the same Wegner who just two weeks ago said the AfD will be included in future editions of the Berlinale. The politicians of the in some federal states officially far right party had been disinvited following protests, but the mayor is demanding »equal treatment« for them. In other words, for Wegner, literal far right politicians are OK, but critical Israelis are not welcome.

Over the years, Berlinale has hosted some spectacular Israeli documentaries. Good films need to be critical of the reality they are trying to portray. If all criticism of Israel is rejected as antisemitic, then no one will dare to invite Israeli directors for fear they might say something negative about their government. What will be left at Berlinale? Just Tatort episodes and Netanyahu campaign ads?

German politicians are claiming this will cause »damage to the Berlinale«. The opposite is the case: their demands for extreme censorship are a mortal threat to Berlin's art scene. Do they even realize how far outside the global mainstream they are? In calling for a ceasefire, Saturday's prizewinners were saying what the whole world except for Germany is saying – even Joe Biden has been mumbling about it.

Once again, we see how this virulent solidarity with Israel comes at the expense of Jewish life in Germany. What do we call this ferocious desire to silence Jews who don't comply with the German Staatsräson? Last week, the Israeli director Udi Aloni said: »It seems like there is a new form of antisemitism in Germany, that no one calls antisemitism: the censorship of progressive intellectual Jewish voices.« He admitted that he was afraid to quote Walter Benjamin or Franz Rosenzweig in this country »because I might get canceled«.

It seems German politicians don't want us to hear these speeches. They cannot defend the reality – so they try to avoid discussions about it. We must hear Israelis and Palestinians when they stand together to call for equality and peace.

"What would I do if I was alive during slavery? Or the Jim Crow South? Or apartheid? What would I do if my country was committing genocide?" The answer is, you’re doing it. Right now….I can no longer be complicit in Genocide. Free Palestine!”

--- Aaron Bushnell

#AaronBushnell #Gaza #genocide #FreePalestine

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