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freed-ora/f35 repos created
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Update the Freesh page to reflect the release of version 5.15
GNU Linux-libre 5.15-gnu adjusted news
GNU Linux-libre 5.15-gnu news
Update Freesh and libeRTY pages to include a link to the GPLv3 and make note of the special exception location
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Change the wording on that new sentence so it makes sense.
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2021-09-27 retired releases and repos
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drop aggregation while at that
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Forgot to update the Freesh page to mention the correct timeframe for 5.15
Update Freesh page to mention the new 5.14
GNU Linux-libre 5.14-gnu, and -gnu1 respins
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Thank you, Linus!
credit where credit is due
Unburied 'DRM: Defectis Repleta Machina' from the translation svnwiki
blog post: atracids: typo
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blog post: atracids: formatting
blog post: atracids
Architecting Software for Freedom in Networked Services
added f36-detesting repository
Update the Freesh page to include a reference to the kernel headers
#0G now on Libera.Chat
novo post: fraude eleitoral
Correct a small typo in the freesh page - Changing 'release' to 'released'
Revert the change to the Linux-libre page for the table formatting - Made no difference
Experimenting with left-aligning the columns in the Freesh page
Draft a new page for the Freesh APT repository
Update the IRC information on the libeRTy web page
GNU Linux-libre 5.13-gnu news entry
Linux-libre news: moving to Libera.Chat
updated link to cuck licenses
freed-ora f34 repo
New article: Against Software Tyranny
GNU Linux-libre 5.12-gnu news entry
wwworst-app-store: added note about textContent vs innerHTML
dropped f29 and older repos
pursuing justice and freedom
added f34-testing, and also f33-testing that was missing
gnu changed the URL
wwworst-app-store published at
more formatting The WWWorst App Store
more formatting The WWWorst App Store
more formatting The WWWorst App Store
more formatting The WWWorst App Store
formatting The WWWorst App Store
The WWWorst App Store (draft)
New blog post: cruel system
subtitles: fix title and links
Sync subtitles in freedom
New blog post
GNU Linux-libre 5.11-gnu
f35-detesting repo
Diaspora and GNU social accounts moved
nova paródia: vacinação
evidências: faltou a saudação final
fixed typos
another day: my heroes had different fates
another day
0G tor2web site
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2021-01-09 update: take it back
happier gnu year - make a pledge to the fsf
final blog post in the series started in 2020-02: leadership
RIP Paulinho Roupa Nova
GNU Linux-libre 5.10-gnu
fix typo
sunset of centos: improve wording, add RHEAVEN
new: sunset of centos
SpecMelt: (from Mar 8) sharpened the point on what repels threats
Summary: f33 release and udpates repo
GNU Linux-libre 5.9-gnu #news
Updated 0G slides for NUUG Oslo presentation
Summary: append "(0G)" to the commented title, as in the displayed one
Summary: mafalda e monica
Summary: Reflexões Congratulatórias Pandêmicas
Summary: formatação
Summary: formatação
Summary: Evidências da Lava-Jato (Chega de Mentiras!)
Summary: Ainda É Cedo (Melô da Reinfecção)
Summary: Hino Independence Day back up
Summary: New blog post: 2020-08-19-phantom-breakin
splentity down, moving to Arizona