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GNU Linux-libre 6.9-gnu news entry
unshittify: planscript, 1st draft
Unshittify: change new picture to say blob
unshittify: move the new pic up a little
unshittify: add crappy as clippy
Unshittify: tweaks and reminder
Unshittify English slides
Atualização: bateria um descontrole: controle funcionou
novo pôste: bateria um descontrole
new blog post: monstering cults
oops, reordered news entries
GNU Linux-libre 6.8-gnu news
Update es and fr pages with information about the new mirror in Australia
Add information about the new mirror in Australia
GNU Linux-libre 6.7-gnu (To Scale)
GNU Linux-libre 6.7-gnu further reduce the pictures
GNU Linux-libre 6.7-gnu news entry
new blog post: happy GNU year
merry grav-mass
new: merry grav-mass
update irc network
update irc network
update irc network
GNU Linux-libre 6.6.6-gnu news entry
slgov: corrigindo erro tipográfico (após a palestra :-(
slgov: formatação
slgov: formatação, atualização
slgob: corrección de quiliro
slgov: correcciones y cambios de quiliro
slgov: typo
slgov: resumo em pt_BR
fix typo in the title: including underrepresented demographics
GNU Linux-libre 6.6-gnu credit the image
GNU Linux-libre 6.6-gnu news entry
including underrepresented demographics
slgov: traduzi do espanhol pro português
gpled hardware: fixed typo and ambiguity
new blog post: The GPLed hardware hardware misconception
Objections to binutils CoC: more formatting
Objections to binutils CoC: formatting
Objections to binutils CoC
New blog post: major injustices
Move one of the mirror entries back to the appropriate location
Add new mirror at
Make futher corrections to the distro names on the RPM Freedom page
Correct the distro names on the RPM Freedom page
Add new information for the release of 6.5
Borrador de transcripción del plan ideal de la charla
New blog post: stochastic parrots vs intelligence pequeños ajustes quizás mejor sumisión que repetir yugo corrigiendo un "subyugo" más correcciones de quiliro (¡gracias!)
Nueva presentación: Software Libre, foco en gobiernos
blob fallacy: consumer protection is not an ultimate solution
blob fallacy: more links, mention expanding human rights
blob fallacy: more work on consumer protections and closing words
blob fallacy: disambiguate "power [that] suppliers"
GNU Linux-libre 6.4-gnu (When I'm Six Point Four)
blob-fallacy: restore +generally+ means
blob fallacy: last (?) round of changes
Uhh, I'd missed some feedback. Narrow "general meaning" of "smart" as
described to digital devices, and rephrased the conflicting stances on
hardware freedoms as both reasonable for now.
blob fallacy: last (?) round of changes
fix the meme explanation, and clarify that supplier's obligation to
repair is not desirable, just a very minimal attempt to restore
blob-fallacy: mention SaaSS; tweaks all over
- parenthesize and split out the explanation of the meme
- combine and rephrase the notion of making the device smarter at
controlling its users
- add SaaSS further along the supplier control axis
- link together user- and operating system-installed blobs
- rephrase the paragraph about flexibility to apply to SaaSS as well,
not only to blobs
- clarify theorerical to viable freedoms further
- not necessarily profit after sale, but exploit over time
- clarify "even +of+ restoring features"
blob-fallacy: hp printer firmware blocks third-party ink cartridges
blob fallacy: many changes, feedback from rms and some from iank
Added Adonay Felipe Nogueira as observer
Add Jami and Tox ids
blob fallacy: move closing paragraphs to the intro (tks quiliro); web blobs
blob fallacy: activate links
blob fallacy: 2023-05-21's draft, after a very long break
blob fallacy: 2023-01-15's draft after GAC, RMS and A.Farnell reviews
blob fallacy: 2023-01-03's draft
blob fallacy: 2023-01-02's draft after some more RMS's feedback
blob fallacy: 2022-12-31's draft after some more RMS's feedback
blob fallacy: 2022-12-26's draft after some GAC feedback
blob fallacy: saving initial draft
2023-05-IRPF-Livre-2023 published
IRPF-Livre-2023: copy and update blurb about IRPF-Livre from 2012-10 lguzman dice que "zapato (in)justo" funciona!
fix "respecto" Allá en el 2007 (tks lguzman)
IRPF-Livre-2023: polishing traduzido borrando el original en inglés
IRPF-Livre 2023 announcement meta data fix (2x)
IRPF-Livre 2023 announcement meta data fix
draft of IRPF-Livre 2023 announcement for translation
bancarrota: typo fix by adrianorg
bancarrota: moved out of draft
bancarrota (article): adjust links, formatting, final review
bancarrota (article): link back to announcement's about section
bancarrota: s/web site/website/g
bancarrota: revertiendo error que introduci ayer
bancarrota: spell out anchor link in full
bancarrota: drop now-redundant links from the announcement body
bancarrota: anchor and link to about softimp section
bancarrota: more changes by anon friend
bancarrota: clarify the campaign name, prompted by anon friend