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Summary: breaking free
Summary: incommunicado
Summary: more English fixes, and an update note
Summary: typo fix
Summary: 5 out of 6, not 6 out of 7
Summary: not a coup
Summary: on being cancelled
Update copyright, inactive
Summary: trolling oppressors: not less fun than quinn's, for sure
Summary: trolling oppressors
Summary: restore br in quote
Summary: quote with >
Summary: right-align quotes
Summary: much shortened version
Summary: early draft no license
Summary: mark as draft
Summary: A New Dawn for Software Freedom
first draft, shared with figosdev
GNU Linux-libre 5.5-gnu
Instruct people to downloade my GPG key directly. This avoids
potential problems with certificate spamming attacks.
Summary: post-truth santa: mention free personal assistant almond
GNU Linux-libre 5.4-gnu news
Summary: f31
GNU Linux-libre 5.3-gnu named Freechard
GNU Linux-libre 5.3-gnu news entries
reenabled, use invalid URL for
The disabled-aggregate fake directive ends up rendered in index.html.
Use a broken URL instead.
disabled and
They haven't worked for a while, so even access to ikiwiki error pages
attempt to download them. The latter address, being down, makes that
very slow.
fix linux-libre download
f32-detesting repo
0G captain's log link
0G captain's log
Mais Valia ou Custo do Capital?
Use epoch timestamps for 0G stardates, thanks danielp3344
0G captain's log 2019-08-02 improve links
0G captain's log 2019-07-26: add links, and date to title
0G captain's log 2019-08-02
0G; em pt_BR é comandante, não capitão
0G opening speech adjustments and translation; summary translation
0G: slight improvements, translated to pt_BR
first 0G captain's log
creating tag page tag/0G
0G tag
0G channel on FreeNode
#0G on FreeNode
no longer draft or internal
fix typo
GNU Linux-libre 5.2-gnu
reorder title
formatting; don't name decent apps that could enable tracking
first 0G draft
left Red Hat
New: A giant leap for a man
Nova paródia: Talude
GNU Linux-libre 5.1-gnu news
Fixing Freed-ora f30 and f31 rpms
f30 repo
Migrando a Software Libre: fix author email addr; freedoms bullets
Migrando a Software Libre: uncenter text; fix final quote
Migrando a Software Libre, por Octavio Rossell
Primer borrador de conversión al markdown de ikiwiki...
linux-libre/freed-ora/f30-testing repo cloned from f30-detesting
Muita chuva no Rio
specmelt: added Bird Box image
GNU Linux-libre 5.0-gnu news entry
created f31-detesting repo
this not is true: viralized -> went viral
Update copyright notice
New post: this not is true
add heads; translate libeRTy; backslash before _RT
Update index.en.mdwn with a link to the libeRTy page
Correct the sources.list entry for libeRTy; it shouldn't have a capitalized entry
Edit liberty.en.mdwn to change all references of freealltime to libeRTy
Rename freealltime.en.mdwn to liberty.en.mdwn
Freealltime: Freenode is misspelled
Have the #linux-libre and names on the Freealltime be formatted as code too
Include some minor formatting changes in the Freealltime page and include a link to the mirrors.txt file for easy access in case someone wants to manually specify a specific one
Update the freealltime to make the package name linux-libre-rt-headers be formatted as code
Add a page for the freealltime repo
News: Cyberbits mirrors GNU Linux-libre
Cyberbits mirrors GNU Linux-libre
GNU Linux-libre 4.20-gnu image alignment
GNU Linux-libre 4.20-gnu changes
GNU Linux-libre 4.20-gnu news title
GNU Linux-libre 4.20-gnu image name
GNU Linux-libre 4.20-gnu news title
GNU Linux-libre 4.20-gnu news entry
novo final: Conectando os Pontos: da Selfie à Identidade
quebrando parágrafos longos
1ª Revisão: Conectando os Pontos: da Selfie à Identidade
Publicado: Conectando os Pontos: do Site ao App
Novo: Conectando os Pontos: da Selfie à Identidade
versos começando com maiúsculas
volta *de* tanta gente
pre format
Nova paródia: Abóbada e Aquela Besta