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Update freesh page to reflect the availability of 5.19
section name markup
angle brackets around link
link to linux-and-gnu
Suitable online banking: new draft
mapa do golpe eleitoral: correção de erros da última revisão
mapa do golpe eleitoral: ajustes conforme retorno
Agradeço ao professor pelas sugestões!
TRApps: new draft
Mapa do Golpe Eleitoral: rascunho
GNU Linux-libre 5.19-gnu (Uhura) news entry
orna eleitrônica
self-serving-services: fixes and updates
New: self-serving services
fix oops in redirect
enviada e publicada a resposta ao sicredi
resposta ao sicredi: sugestões de jorge morais
Estas não foram edições que ele fez, mas que eu fiz em resposta a
recomendações dele. Muitíssimo agradecido!
formatação e links
resposta ao sicredi: revisão de jorge morais
mais clareza na introdução
typo identificado pelo cyberx99
Novo: resposta ao SICREDI
That didn't work; reverting it
Trying the freesh page with a handwritten table
Update the Freesh page to reflect the release of 5.18
missed one new driver that needed cleaning up
fix messy appearance of old linux-libre images, .es now
fix typo
missed link to #freetz
fix messy appearance of old linux-libre images, .fr now
Missed anchor for lux
Add anchors for penguins, move freedo up a little
restore center tags, drop non-functioning align=center
Add svg for gnu-lux and holiday-gifts
fix messy appearance of old linux-libre images, .en only for now
Should work now
Attempting to fix the link to new image
GNU Linux-libre 5.18-gnu news entry, with shopping-advice image
GNU Linux-libre 5.17-gnu
Update Freesh page to reflect the release of 5.17
Update the Freesh page to remove 4.4 since it's EOL now
Yesterday: link to Antitrust
new post: yesterday
add markers of needed translations
translate RPM Freedom download entry
GNU Linux-libre 5.16-gnu news
Update the Freesh page to reflect the release of 5.16
open letter
Update main page to mention
Update the Freesh page to mention
freed-ora/f35 repos created
Updaate the Freesh page to reflect 5.15 being the current LTS version
Update the home page to link to the Freesh page
Update the Freesh page to reflect the release of version 5.15
GNU Linux-libre 5.15-gnu adjusted news
GNU Linux-libre 5.15-gnu news
Update Freesh and libeRTY pages to include a link to the GPLv3 and make note of the special exception location
linux-libre mirror ->
Change the wording on that new sentence so it makes sense.
Update the libeRTy page to have a cross-link to Freesh
Add a missing comma to the Freesh page
Update freesh page to mention Loongson 2F MIPS-compatible processors
missed anchor
2021-09-27 retired releases and repos
track and
drop aggregation while at that
Correct a typo on the Freesh page
Forgot to update the Freesh page to mention the correct timeframe for 5.15
Update Freesh page to mention the new 5.14
GNU Linux-libre 5.14-gnu, and -gnu1 respins
further clarified the clarifying footnote
added clarifying footnote
missing word
Thank you, Linus!
credit where credit is due
Unburied 'DRM: Defectis Repleta Machina' from the translation svnwiki
blog post: atracids: typo
blog post: atracids: broken link
blog post: atracids: more formatting
blog post: atracids: formatting
blog post: atracids
Architecting Software for Freedom in Networked Services
added f36-detesting repository
Update the Freesh page to include a reference to the kernel headers
#0G now on Libera.Chat
novo post: fraude eleitoral
Correct a small typo in the freesh page - Changing 'release' to 'released'
Revert the change to the Linux-libre page for the table formatting - Made no difference
Experimenting with left-aligning the columns in the Freesh page
Draft a new page for the Freesh APT repository
Update the IRC information on the libeRTy web page
GNU Linux-libre 5.13-gnu news entry
Linux-libre news: moving to Libera.Chat
updated link to cuck licenses
freed-ora f34 repo
New article: Against Software Tyranny
GNU Linux-libre 5.12-gnu news entry
wwworst-app-store: added note about textContent vs innerHTML
dropped f29 and older repos