Recent changes to this wiki:

blob-fallacy: mention SaaSS; tweaks all over
- parenthesize and split out the explanation of the meme
- combine and rephrase the notion of making the device smarter at
controlling its users
- add SaaSS further along the supplier control axis
- link together user- and operating system-installed blobs
- rephrase the paragraph about flexibility to apply to SaaSS as well,
not only to blobs
- clarify theorerical to viable freedoms further
- not necessarily profit after sale, but exploit over time
- clarify "even +of+ restoring features"
blob-fallacy: hp printer firmware blocks third-party ink cartridges
blob fallacy: many changes, feedback from rms and some from iank
Added Adonay Felipe Nogueira as observer
Add Jami and Tox ids
blob fallacy: move closing paragraphs to the intro (tks quiliro); web blobs
blob fallacy: activate links
blob fallacy: 2023-05-21's draft, after a very long break
blob fallacy: 2023-01-15's draft after GAC, RMS and A.Farnell reviews
blob fallacy: 2023-01-03's draft
blob fallacy: 2023-01-02's draft after some more RMS's feedback
blob fallacy: 2022-12-31's draft after some more RMS's feedback
blob fallacy: 2022-12-26's draft after some GAC feedback
blob fallacy: saving initial draft
2023-05-IRPF-Livre-2023 published
IRPF-Livre-2023: copy and update blurb about IRPF-Livre from 2012-10 lguzman dice que "zapato (in)justo" funciona!
fix "respecto" Allá en el 2007 (tks lguzman)
IRPF-Livre-2023: polishing traduzido borrando el original en inglés
IRPF-Livre 2023 announcement meta data fix (2x)
IRPF-Livre 2023 announcement meta data fix
draft of IRPF-Livre 2023 announcement for translation
bancarrota: typo fix by adrianorg
bancarrota: moved out of draft
bancarrota (article): adjust links, formatting, final review
bancarrota (article): link back to announcement's about section
bancarrota: s/web site/website/g
bancarrota: revertiendo error que introduci ayer
bancarrota: spell out anchor link in full
bancarrota: drop now-redundant links from the announcement body
bancarrota: anchor and link to about softimp section
bancarrota: more changes by anon friend
bancarrota: clarify the campaign name, prompted by anon friend
bancarrota: edits suggested by nixsanctuary
bancarrota: one more fix by jself I'd missed
bancarrota: shortening suggested by jself, translated by me
bancarrota: disambiguation prompted by jself
bancarrota: review by jself
bancarrota: revert addition of "course of" in English
bancarrota: more polishing
style.css: fix rendering of bulleted lists of paragraphs
bancarrota: more sentence shortening
bancarrota: s/combined/compounded/
bancarrota: further adjustments prompted by quiliro
bancarrota: sugerencias de quiliro
bancarrota: adjustments prompted by rms
interview-nixsanctuary: fix link to Snowden again
interview-nixsanctuary: formatting
interview-nixsanctuary: fix another link typo
also make the link to Snowden active
interview-nixsanctuary: fix link typo
interview-nixsanctuary: fix meta title
interview-nixsanctuary: fix redirect
Interview to
interview-nixsanctuary: last minor changes suggested by rms
bancarrota: improvements recommended by quiliro
bancarrota: banca pública
se usa singular para el colectivo de los bancos públicos
Linux-libre: git repository is not a wikilink
GNU Linux-libre 6.3-gnu picture
GNU Linux-libre 6.3-gnu #news
interview-nixsanctuary: link to suitable-online-banking draft
interview-nixsanctuary: a few more tweaks prompted by rms
interview-nixsanctuary: full review, multiple tweaks
interview-nixsanctuary: a few more changes prompted by rms
bancarrota: more improvements, a few recommended by rms
Freedo in the Fediverse
bancarrota: various improvements recommended by rms
bankrupt: fix JavaScript capitalization
bancarrota: add 'rupt/rota' to the intro paragraph
bancarrota: title; translation improvement
bancarrota: adjustments all over
bancarrota: saving initial translations
suitable online banking: 2023-04 update: no appeal
suitable online banking: typo (apuntado por lguzman)
interview-nixsanctuary: small improvement
linux-libre interview: links to court reports
linux-libre interview: some unmangling of recent edits
interview-nixsanctuary: more on security
some more improvements based on suggestions and recommendations from rms
interview-nixsanctuary: draft answers to additional questions
also, some rewriting based on suggestions and recommendations from rms
flisol2007/fsmatrix: formatting, update date
flisol2007/fsmatrix: formatting
flisol2007/fsmatrix: drop links
Failing Disks
Remove by request of operator due to pending shutdown
3 more questions, yet to be answered
interview to nixsanctuary: typo fixes by jxself (thanks!)
Bancarrota: correcciones y sugerencias de ark
Bancarrota: segundo borrador, con propuesta de título
Bancarrota: primer borrador del anuncio
TRApps.en: fix typos
thanks dr schestowitz
second draft of interview about linux-libre
including suggestions by jxself and quiliro, and more recollections
and imagery
first draft of interview about linux-libre unifying meta and shown titles typos, tks antonio diaz diaz
TRApps pt: missing quotes in .pt
TRApps: flipping the visiblity bit of the announcement
TRApps: flipping the visiblity bit of the article