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3 more questions, yet to be answered
interview to nixsanctuary: typo fixes by jxself (thanks!)
Bancarrota: correcciones y sugerencias de ark
Bancarrota: segundo borrador, con propuesta de título
Bancarrota: primer borrador del anuncio
TRApps.en: fix typos
thanks dr schestowitz
second draft of interview about linux-libre
including suggestions by jxself and quiliro, and more recollections
and imagery
first draft of interview about linux-libre unifying meta and shown titles typos, tks antonio diaz diaz
TRApps pt: missing quotes in .pt
TRApps: flipping the visiblity bit of the announcement
TRApps: flipping the visiblity bit of the article
TRApps: typo in .pt meta title
TRApps: corrección al anuncio
TRApps: announcement improvements, most suggested by rms (thanks!)
link to rpmfreedom
TRApps: move article to the final location, still tagged as internal and draft
TRApps: switch boilerplate from http to https
Linux-libre 15: switch boilerplate from http to https
TRApps: draft announcement created, in place, but tagged internal and draft
trapps: typo en el enalce a la FSD
trapps: fix winston link
trapps: mostly typos
trapps: more title formatting
trapps: title formatting
trapps: carefully curated, and other translation improvements
trapps: embed all links
trapps: link to little red riding hood and pinocchio, adjust
trapps: link to Wiston Smith
trapps: on rooted devices
trapps: link to Stalin's dream
trapps: bolden
trapps: move trapp definition up
trapp: more spanish formatting
trapps: formatting, some fixes mainly to .es
GNU Linux-libre 2023-03-12 news: i915 deblobbing bug fix
trapps: nuevo título, nota
trapps, suitable-online-banking: copyright FSFLA
trapps: nota del traductor
trapps: nota del traductor
trapps: un intento más
trapps: corrige formatación de la nota del tradutor
trapps: checking/improving translations/formatting
suitable-online-banking: simplify/add link to softimp
suitable-online-banking: checking/improving translations/formatting !tag, !meta, licencia
traducción de lguzman (¡muchísimas gracias!)
Traducción de freesh al Español
Quote mention in Free Software Supporter
trapps: traduzido para português
trapps: updates and tweaks
creating tag page tag/anuncio
add tags to the Linux-libre 15 announcement
another try at placing classic freedo
move classic freedo down
uniform layout; add classic freedo in tuxedo
improving image layout
Linux-libre 15: anuncio del cierre de la semana del cumpleaños
Linux-libre 15: move artwork after present and future
¡Linux-libre cumple 15 años! errores y ajustes
Linux-libre turns 15!: adjustment
Linux-libre completa 15 anos!: erros de tradução e ajustes
Linux-libre turns 15!: minor tweak
Linux-libre 15: hw path forward, drop weird construct
¡Linux-libre cumple 15 años! más probable/cuanto más usuários
Linux-libre completa 15 anos!: mais chances/quanto mais usuários
¡Linux-libre cumple 15 años! corrigiendo typos
más cambios de Ark74
correcciones de lguzman: la segunda
web commit: fix title
¡Linux-libre cumple 15 años!: corregí typos
Linux-libre completa 15 anos!: corrigi typos
Linux-libre turns 15: fixed links
¡Linux-libre cumple 15 años! (corrigiendo enlaces)
rascunho: Linux-libre completa 15 anos! (faltou a licença)
rascunho: ¡Linux-libre completa 15 anos!
borrador: ¡Linux-libre cumple 15 años!
draft: Linux-libre turns 15!
GNU Linux-libre 6.2-gnu news entry
Suitable Online Banking traduzido ao português
simplify links, add paragraph breaks and more links
more links and updates
another update, and a few adjustments
2023-02 update on lawsuit against Itaú
Correct spurious left over chart reference
Remove extra space character on the Freesh page
Simplify the freesh page by removing the charts
Update freesh page to remove 4.9 seriesas it's now considered end-of-life (EOL) and is no longer supported.
new blog post: Digital Vegan, Walled Culture
blog post: FSF Support
Update the RPM Freedom instructions a piece to include some grep
news entry about freed-ora's retirement
Freed-ora is now history
Update the freesh page to reflect the release of 6.1
Connect Stux to the narrative
GNU Linux-libre 6.1-gnu news entry
GNU Linux-libre 6.1-gnu news entry