There are several direct and indirect ways to participate and contribute to FSFLA's work and objectives.

The most direct way to contribute is to join any of the open forums and active workgroups in our organization.


Regular information about our work, such as monthly bulletins and publishing of press releases.


General list for discussion on Free Software-related topics, its use, distribution and development in Latin America.


For everyone who can cooperate with translation of documents, web pages, newsletters and other information needed for FSFLA's work in some of the organization's work languages.

Anti-DRM campaign

If you want to join the fight against the DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) menace in Latin America, join the workgroup of the Anti-DRM campaign.

Campaign against "Softwares Impostos"

If you want to participate in FSFLA campaign against "Softwares Impostos" in Brazil, send this list a copy of your letter to the president of Brazil, your signature for the petition against the software imposed by the Brazilian Receita Federal, as well as your ideas, suggestions and delations.

Free Open Standards

If you're interested in getting involved in actions of spreading knowledge and encouraging adoption of standards that promote interoperability and avoid monopolies and exclusive dependencies, and of delation and opposition to proprietary standards, this is the group for you.

(GNU)^2 initiative

To increase FSFLA's contact with communities and activists committed to Free Software in Latin America, we've launched the GNU National User Groups initiative (GNUGNU in Spanish and Portuguese). If you're a member of one such organization or would like to start one and want to share experiences, join the mailing list.

Events, booths and promotion

Discussion about FSFLA's presence in events, preparation of booths and promotional material, volunteering to be present at stands in events to present Free Software phylosophy, FSFLA's, FSF network's and GNU project's work and objectives, or simply be there to present our promotional materials: T-shirts, buttons, flyers, flags, stickets, etc.

Web Site

FSFLA's web site is under permanent construction. Information pertaining to Free Software in FSFLA's geographical work area, be it news, events, legislation, politics, etc, can be presented on the web site and is always welcome.


To carry out one of FSFLA's high-priority objectives, we have a mailing list for discussion about Free Software in education, to which we invite academics, educators and interested activists.

Business Models

We also have a mailing list to work on business models and assistance to profitable projects, be them individual or collective, at companies, cooperatives of by independent professionals who wish to work on Free Software-based businesses.

Public Administration

This group is intended to support public administrations and government entities that already work with Free Software or are evaluating the political decision to add it to their agendas.


If you work on press or diffusion and would like to cooperate with FSFLA's communication work, we count on you to this end. Even though information discussed in the list is not confidential, coordinated publication is desirable, therefore we request readers and participants to wait for official announces before publication.

Thank you very much for your cooperation with FSFLA.

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