Sophomorals, Mimethics and Adjustice
My thoughts on good behavior and social responsibility

Alexandre Oliva

I meant to write about ethics, morals and justice, but since I have no formal training on these subjects, and I'm going to build upon my own understanding of their meanings, which I don't know to be correct or widely accepted, I'll use different terms, to avoid undesirable discussions on whether I'm using the terms correctly, but similar enough to bring to mind the intended idea. I guess I could have used other terms, such as femmorals, pattethics and abducedis, but then it wouldn't look like a serious article, would it?

Sophomorals are about whether or not an action, or lack thereof, has harmful consequences on others; the more it does, the more insophomoral the action is. Mimethics are about intent, conscious effort undertaken to bring or avoid harm; intentional or disregarded harm, or risk thereof, is unmimethical. Adjustice is about fair distribution and balancing of willful harm and effort to avoid it; that the relationship between caused and suffered harm be the same for all.

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