T-shirt for FISL 2010

Distros to mention

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Other recent Latin-American 100% Free distros

Designs, ordered latest to earliest

  • 100freedistros-lxo9, by lxoliva, adjusted from hound2:
  • 100freedistros-lxo8, by lxoliva, adjusted from hound3:
  • 100freedistros-lxo7, by lxoliva:
  • 100freedistros-lxo6, by lxoliva:
  • 100freedistros-lxo5, by lxoliva:
  • 100freedistros-lxo4, by lxoliva:
  • 100freedistros-lxo3, by lxoliva:
  • 100freedistros-lxo2, by lxoliva, combining hound4-left and lxo1:
  • 100freedistros-lxo1, by lxoliva, with hound's logos:
  • 100freedistros-hound4, by hound:
  • 100freedistros-hound3, by hound:
  • 100freedistros-hound2, by hound:
  • 100freedistros-hound1, by hound:
  • 100freesoftware, by lxoliva: