In this conversation, Matt ✨ posted:

Some websites are like: “Hey. Welcome. Did you know we have an app? Get the app”.

And you’re like “No, I’m good thanks. The website is fine.”

Then you log in, and they go “This website is best experienced in the app” and you’re like “Maybe later”

Then you click on a post and they’re like “To see this post you need the app” and they just take you to the App Store anyway.

Then you try to go back to the website but they redirected you to a new page which keeps booting you back to the App Store…

Aral Balkan responded:

All the better to farm you with, my dear…


which reminded of a speech by my daughter in which she denounced surveillance capitalism and privacy abuses through software with pictures of Big Bad Wolf disguised as Little Red Riding Hood's grandma with sentences like Aral's citation, and of the witch offering Snow White a poisoned Apple, of Jack climbing the beanstalk and meeting the Giant on the Clouds, and of Rapunzel seeing the world only through the tower Windows. Shortly thereafter, she demanded to switch schools, because her school was rolling out Google for Ad-ucation (her term) and she couldn't take that any more.

This proud father digresses.

The point of this post was to make a more permanent record, and give some more visibility to my suggestion of how to name web sites like those that Matt describes. I suggested:

we should call such web sites atracids: the funnel-web spiders, the spiders that are most dangerous to humans

So blong...