Just before crashing in bed this morning, a news TV show played an interview with a soccer player at some small professional team. He was concerned about the threat of halting the championship (again) because of the COVID-19 pandemics. He mentioned that he and several of his colleagues earned very little, and if they had to stop working again, they and their families would starve again, like last year.

I couldn't help thinking of enslaved gladiators demanding the fights with tigers and lions and each other to carry on, because they would serve no purpose and would be left to starve otherwise.

What a cruel system we've created, in which people have to fight and insist on constantly risking their own lives, and everyone else's, to get food on the table, to have a place to call home?

We humans are solidary, we have created social support systems so that people in dire need can live another day, put themselves back together and then bring back to the society whatever little they can, when they can.

What kind of alien influence is driving us to self destruction like this? The longer people keep on passing the virus on, because the social support systems don't enable them to remain in isolation, the longer and harder the pandemic hits us.

Even for those who disregard others' lives and only think of profit, the accumulated losses to a long-term impredictable economy with many short lockdowns, sick workers, and scared customers more than surpasses a single round of lockdown that is long enough and taken seriously.

It's not like we don't have the resources to make this happen. It's that the genocidal ruling classes and their invisible-handed god$ won't allow it to happen, and don't even pretend to care about the consequences.

It's the same seemingly irresistible forces that are making the planet unsuitable for human life. The pandemic has just given us a taste, in a much shorter time scale, of what's to come in some decades, but that has really been in the making for a couple of centuries already.

It's not much of a consolation that, after most humans are gone, these forces will likely be gone shortly thereafter, like school shooters that finish their act with bullets through their own heads.

If we don't manage to defeat this self-destructing system and rise up against these inhuman and non-humane forces, there will soon be nobody left to lament that we're gone. Is this nature's way of expressing regret for an evolutionary mistake?

Hopefully whatever evolves from cockroaches will take better care of our planet. Franz Kafka might enjoy that.

So blong,