On this day, 8 years ago, Aaron took his own life. I guess he felt the injustice of losing his freedom unbearable. I have little more than a vague idea of how that feels.

There's a song by the late Brazilian musician Cazuza that goes "My heroes overdosed to death / My enemies are in power". My heroes had different fates, but I have more than a vague idea of how that feels.

The forces of the capital empire sometimes feel irresistible. Aaron, Julian, Chelsea, Jacob, Glenn, Laura, Edward, Reality, Richard... Heroes without costumes or superpowers, only courage and determination. Human heroes, with flaws and vulnerabilities that the empire exploits without hesitation, to turn against them the very people they fight to liberate. I have a vague idea of how that feels.

I guess I am lucky that the empire has barely noticed me so far: I'm alive, free, encouraged and determined to fight another day. I've come to appreciate how that feels.

Here's to the human heroes, named or not, who inspire us, who empower us, who paved our way and thus enabled us to get further. Our victory shall be theirs too, and in their honor, and when it comes, may they get to know, wherever they are, that their efforts did not go to waste. I look forward to knowing how that feels.

So blong,

PS: I guess some people might read this and get angry at me for imagining some disguised criticism to an organization I used to belong to. Sorry, no, this post is not at all about that organization. Excuse me for honoring some of my heroes on the day one of them passed away. The criticism that is present is directed at the actual vilains, the ones we've long fought, together or not.

PPS: And now I guess some people will think the above is meant to suggest that the struggles above in any way resemble those within that organization. No! I'm just trying to preempt some wild imagination, and probably overdoing it. Once bitten, twice shy, the saying goes. Despite what some people appear to think, there's a lot more to my life and thoughts than that organization. The actual vilains are powerful enough already, we don't need to invent imaginary enemies.

PPPS: The PPS reminded me of the song Monomania, by Clarice Falcão, whose refrain goes a bit like "I promised this song wouldn't be about you, but now it is!" Heh, "Don't think of an elephant!", while you're at it. And no, I don't mean elephant as in "the elephant in the room". Sorry, this is too hard! Thinking of all the ways in which things can be misinterpreted and twisted is beyond my superpowers. I'll stop now. Sorry, heroes, this was really meant to be about you, but these PSs kind of spoiled it :-(