"This not is true."

This is my proposed translation to English from Brazilian Portuguese of "É verdade esse bilete".

The phrase went viral in Brazil in 2018, as a picture of a note a young boy wrote to his parents pretending to be the school teacher, informing that there wouldn't be classes the next day. He figured the note wasn't so believable, so he ended it with the reinforcement "this note is true", but he mispelled "bilhete" (note) as "bilete".

The phrase is now commonly used to make fun of a false statement, by pretending to reinforce it. In a way, it's a newer version of "só que não", often shortened to SQN in hashtags, meaning "except it isn't/doesn't", or "but not really, quite the opposite", as in "that's a great idea! #SQN".

I wished such memes were readily available in English, as they are in Portuguese, so I set out to translate "É verdade esse bilete", and conveniently a mispelling of "note" happens to convey the intended meaning without quite requiring knowledge of the background story. That will generally do, but the story is somewhat funny, so there it is!

So blong...