Wow, I didn't quite expect linux-2.6.30 to come out this week. I hadn't been able to get my hands onto the 2.6.30 rcs through the entire cycle, save for a few hours circa rc2 or so.

Lucky for me, on the 9th I got a time slot to fix a few deblobbing bugs in earler releases of Linux-libre, and when I was about done with it, Linus published 2.6.30. Turns out deblobbing a release is so much easier that deblobbing the rc patches. Thank you, Linus! :-)

Anyhow... With 2.6.30 out of the way, I guess I'll go back to trying to speed up deblob-check, and to back-port the gen3 deblobbing machinery to 2.6.26 and earlier.

But this will probably have to wait until I finish writing a couple articles, preparing and delivering one new speech and some GCC patches, all before the end of June.

So blong...