Last week, FSFLA published an announcement about a horrible authoriterrorism and on-line surveillance bill that was about to be approved by the Senate under the pretense of fighting pedophilia.

The bill was approved by the Senate at 11 PM, some 60 hours later. Now it goes back to the House of Representatives, and then, if approved, to the president, who could still veto it.

At this point, the only possible changes are removal of portions or rephrasing for clarification; no further additions. Even before the bill reached the House of Representatives, a request for it to be handled urgently was already filed.

I've blogged a lot about it, in the Portuguese version of "Blonging for Freedom". Unless you can read Portuguese, it won't mean much to you. However, my friend Pablo Lorenzoni translated the bill and blogged about it in English.

So now people out there can have as much trouble as we do believing such a terrible bill could be on the way to become a threat to everyone in Brazil.

Please spread the word.

So blong...