More than one month went by and the press is still making a fuss of Linus' verbal attacks on myself and on the FSF.

It saddens me that they focus on the verbal attacks, on the fundamentalist anti-fundamentalism displayed by some members of that community, but as far as I've seen they mostly sidestep the meat of the arguments at hand.

So I've selected some postings from that long thread, in which I think I was more or less fortunate in expressing the points of view I was defending, and in which others presented arguments that I found relevant for the debate.

It will be clear that the quotes are not representative of the entire conversation, since I've selected mostly only messages that I wrote. But you can navigate the thread from that point to get the other points of view.

That said, I think all of the relevant sub-threads are covered, in case you're interested in reading the whole thing. But beware, it's a very long debate.

As for whether GPLv2 permits Tivoization (which some appear to believe to have been a major point in the debate, although to me it sounded like just a sidetrack), I wrote before about some consequences of arguments brought up in that thread, whose proponents wanted to believe that GPLv2 clearly permitted Tivoization.

So blong.