I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to FSFLA at FISL, and to announce that I've released the full version of "Free Software and The Matrix", with subtitles of my speech, in Portuguese and now also in English. The translation was done in a rush and is probably poor, please send fixes and suggestions for improvements!

I've also re-released the trailers, with higher resolution and apparently with slightly better video quality even in the smaller version, in Portuguese, and now also in English and Spanish.

If you'd like to help translate the speech to Spanish (hi, Rayentray! :-) please take the sources and go for it!

I'd also like to replace the movie's subtitles, because they don't always translate precisely the twisted meaning I've chosen, so if you'd like to help me do that, please send me e-mail, but beware that I'm going to be off-line today and tomorrow.

Thanks, and enjoy the videos in my home page!

So blong...