I got back home from Boa Vista, slept for more hours than I can count (not that I can count while asleep, mind you ;-) and found that most the discussion and heat that followed from FSFLA's GNUsletter #21 reference to FLISoL had subsided.

Good. Now we can focus on doing productive work, rather than in explaining what we meant, which was unfortunately quite different from what a number of people perceived. Yeah, we can see now that our statement was quite unfortunate in a number of ways. Sorry about that.

Anyhow... Our plan was to publish some text for FLISoL participants and organizers. It should have been part of that very GNUsletter, but it wasn't ready in time. What we had was either too long and unfocused, or an article gently contributed by FSFLA's former members Fede and Bea, based on an earlier draft by Fernanda, that is much shorter and focused, but is IMNSHO incomplete, and goes a bit too far at celebrating the installation of non-Free Software along with Free Software.

So I wrote ?another article that tries to complement it. Please send your feedback to eventos@fsfla.org.

So blong...