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You're completely insane. I just read your incoherent tyrade against Linus in 2007 re: GPLv2 vs GPLv3. I see you haven't become less insane since then. I can't believe you think crashing financial markets is a "good idea". Do you know how many people would lose their jobs? Do you know how much harm that would have caused people? No, of course not. You're just a blind FSF zealot, who honestly considered enforcing their petty will upon the entire world because you think that people can't choose for themselves what "freedom" they want. Unbelievable, and your post drips with self-deluded heroism.

I hate pulling cliches out, but seriously, this is so damn comparable to religious extremism that it's a little bit terrifying.

1) willingness to "sacrifice" yourself as a martyr to force the public to accept your beliefs

2) believing that people who disagree with you are evil and should be stopped (apparently at all costs)

These are the kinds of thoughts that terrorists have, and you should seriously consider getting psychological counseling if this is how you actually feel, because your thoughts are dangerous to yourself and others.


-- *Matt, Sun May 01 20:21:44 2011