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slight improvement suggested by jxself
First draft
Freed-ora: added f27-detesting repository
GNU Linux-libre 4.10-gnu
2016-12-11 - GNU Linux-libre 4.9-gnu
document anonymous SVN user; change SVN URLs to https
f25 repository
revisão final
New build server offered by Jan Prunk
comentários sobre o que quero abordar, outras pequenas modificações
SMT em português
HaL e Sol, ou HAL 9000, primeiro rascunho
GNU Linux-libre 4.8-gnu news entry
Summary: created Freed-ora f25-testing repository
Add location of
Fix license notice
Resize copyright box
Summary: added my diaspora libreplanetbr feed
added link to FreeSlack
Summary: f26-detesting added
GNU Linux-libre 4.7-gnu news
added/fixed Mexico entries in legis/index translations
moved legis/Proyectos_en_Proceso into mexico with lang ext too
moved legis/mexico into mexico subdir with lang ext
fix typo in the f24 repo URL; thanks to Robert Musial reporting the error
update santa fe 10/11/10
legis/paraguay: new
Summary: freed-ora 24 stable repository
Summary: PS3: finalmente tudo funcionando
GNU Linux-libre 4.6-gnu
Summary: enabled f24-testing repository
Summary: removed Esteban Saavedra's dead feed
Summary: use subdirs for all dent and planet feeds
Summary: add source to dents names
Summary: rename lxoliva dents aggregates
Summary: removed valenzuela's broken URLs
Summary: GNU social feed for Alexandre Oliva
Summary: [pres/singular]: resumo traduzido para português
Summary: x200 finalmente exorcizado na LibrePlanet 2016!
The Singularity, The Matrix and The Terimnator
GNU Linux-libre 4.5-gnu
Summary: dropped pre-f20 repos
Summary: atualização ortográfica, typos
Summary: atualização ortográfica, typos, s/proprietário/privativo/
Branched for f24
GNU Linux-libre 4.4-gnu
Summary: drop www. prefix from
self-defense: updated license and contact info
self-defense: updated license and contact info
grande-rede: updated license and Spanish translation
Linux-libre: update license and a few bits here and there
gnu30: fix license name
gnu30: license update; translation to Spanish
hackers: license update; translation to Spanish
1984+30: nearly-negligible update, plus translation to Spanish
Libreboot: update HW compat list. Translate FSMatrix subtitles. slides updated and translated to Spanish slides updated and translated to Spanish
Summary: freed-ora f23 repos
GNU Linux-libre 4.3-gnu
Cleaned up wording in DeCentOS link
GNU Linux-libre 4.2-gnu
Reelaborando o PS.
Vade Retro: próximos capítulos, advertência da SPC.
Vade Retro!
Added f24-detesting.
Detux slides: license confirmed.
Detux slides: illustrated my parts.
Libreboot slides: Added images.
New speech: detux
First draft.
GNU Linux-libre 4.1-gnu
Freed-ora f22-testing and f22 repos.
Robert Musial registered to maintain his RPMs
lemote/gnewsense -> freeloong
Revisión de RMS.
GNU Linux-libre 4.0-gnu
oops, fix title
Diolinux desinformado
borrador de traducción al español
Update copyright notice
Break before copyright notice
render title
Por um FLISOL Exemplar
Fix link. Link to discussion on
Twister-based P2P-replicated git hosting
Updated contact info; added 'There is no Cloud' page
Added f23-detesting repository.