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I had a DRM: fixed some English errors
Newer picture
Newer picture
I had a DRM: one more past tense fix
I had a DRM: GPLv2{+'s+} termination
I had a DRM: more on unjust DRM powers; so blong, Freddy.
I had a DRM: even more clarity to the title
I had a DRM: try to correlate DRM and dream earlier
I had a DRM: Libreboot is not back in GNU yet
I had a DRM: more links
I had a DRM: hey!
I had a DRM: all actions moved to the past tense
I had a DRM: mostly formatting
I had a DRM: visible title
I had a DRM
.onion mirror down after hardware failure, mirror maintainer reports
link to my scuttlebutt viewer feed
New GNU Linux-libre mirrors
link to newly-created f30-detesting repo
GNU Linux-libre 4.18-gnu
fix links to translations
publishing specmelt article
publishing specmelt article
publishing specmelt article
update on NetSpectre; match sayings to the lecture slides
specmelt: more accurate translation of the initial saying
specmelt: vovó 2.033
specmelt: missed translation, tuning images
specmelt: translated to English
specmelt: novo item sobre NetSpectre
Drop links to
missing comma
Primeiro rascunho completo da palestra sobre Spectre & Meltdown
Improve formatting
Drop meta date
convert to jpg
Javier Barcena is a member
GNU Linux-libre 4.17-gnu
more cleanups prompted by rms
more polishing, feedback from rms, mjw, and ullbeking
more tweaks by rms
more tweaks prompted by bill-auger
tweaks by bill-auger
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various improvements in response to Richard stallman's feedback
drop notes from meta title
Who's afraid of Spectre & Meltdown - clarify figosdev's doubts, refill
Who's afraid of Spectre & Meltdown - jxself's suggestions
Who's afraid of Spectre & Meltdown - rewritten draft, shared with friends
Who's afraid of Spectre & Meltdown - 1st throw-away draft
New: greve nas rodovias
freed-ora f28 repo
f28-testing repos created
Linux 4.14 still contains blobs disguised as sources
Formatação, intro
Nova paródia
faltou vírgula entre os enlaces para comentários
rearranjando parágrafos meta no final; link para software livre
formatação: outra notação para grifos, mais uma tentativa de corrigir links para comentar
formatação: corrigindo notação para grifos
PS sobre ausência de links pras leis
mais um parágrafo, e atualização no final
copyright 2018
mais uma frase
copyright 2018
Link para comentários
GNU Linux-libre 4.16-gnu
GNU Linux-libre 4.15-gnu
GNU Linux-libre 4.14-gnu
Removed f2[01234]* repos
f27 (stable) repos
created f27-testing repos
Singularidade: pequenas melhorias na tradução
GNU Linux-libre 4.13-gnu
link to f28-detesting repos
Very detailed English review by, thanks!
Fix title metadata
rename FLISOL-SFD.mdwn to eventos/
typo; adicionado link para o artigo da Isca, Anzol e Grande Rede
translated pt(Bolhatrix) to en(Bubbletrix)
drop author name
WannaCry for the Web
f26 stable updates repo
Another build server contributed by Jan Prunk
GNU Linux-libre 4.12-gnu
título visível
Bolhatrix: agradecimento
bolhatrix: esclarecidos alguns parágrafos, após revisão da Larissa
mais formatação