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More explicit attempt at eventos/draft/ redirect
Giving up on draft redirects
Fix draft redirects, one more try
Fix draft redirects
improve draft redirect
RMS Tour
RMS Tour: link to speech at UnB in Brasília
revisión: traducción, accentos, formatación
fix typo2
fix typo
2 borrador, casi final
1 draft
RMS Tour Brasil & Argentina: links to FSF
RMS Tour Brasil & Argentina
Created Freed-ora f26-testing repo
GNU Linux-libre 4.11-gnu news entry
fix formatting around G. Nagarjuna
fix cut&pasto after Twister link
Update links to Free social media
update copyright notice
2017-04-01 celebration
slight improvement suggested by jxself
First draft
Freed-ora: added f27-detesting repository
GNU Linux-libre 4.10-gnu
2016-12-11 - GNU Linux-libre 4.9-gnu
document anonymous SVN user; change SVN URLs to https
f25 repository
revisão final
New build server offered by Jan Prunk
comentários sobre o que quero abordar, outras pequenas modificações
SMT em português
HaL e Sol, ou HAL 9000, primeiro rascunho
GNU Linux-libre 4.8-gnu news entry
Summary: created Freed-ora f25-testing repository
Add location of
Fix license notice
Resize copyright box
Summary: added my diaspora libreplanetbr feed
added link to FreeSlack
Summary: f26-detesting added
GNU Linux-libre 4.7-gnu news
added/fixed Mexico entries in legis/index translations
moved legis/Proyectos_en_Proceso into mexico with lang ext too
moved legis/mexico into mexico subdir with lang ext
fix typo in the f24 repo URL; thanks to Robert Musial reporting the error
update santa fe 10/11/10
legis/paraguay: new
Summary: freed-ora 24 stable repository
Summary: PS3: finalmente tudo funcionando
GNU Linux-libre 4.6-gnu
Summary: enabled f24-testing repository
Summary: removed Esteban Saavedra's dead feed
Summary: use subdirs for all dent and planet feeds
Summary: add source to dents names
Summary: rename lxoliva dents aggregates
Summary: removed valenzuela's broken URLs
Summary: GNU social feed for Alexandre Oliva
Summary: [pres/singular]: resumo traduzido para português
Summary: x200 finalmente exorcizado na LibrePlanet 2016!
The Singularity, The Matrix and The Terimnator
GNU Linux-libre 4.5-gnu
Summary: dropped pre-f20 repos
Summary: atualização ortográfica, typos
Summary: atualização ortográfica, typos, s/proprietário/privativo/
Branched for f24
GNU Linux-libre 4.4-gnu
Summary: drop www. prefix from
self-defense: updated license and contact info
self-defense: updated license and contact info
grande-rede: updated license and Spanish translation
Linux-libre: update license and a few bits here and there
gnu30: fix license name
gnu30: license update; translation to Spanish
hackers: license update; translation to Spanish
1984+30: nearly-negligible update, plus translation to Spanish
Libreboot: update HW compat list. Translate FSMatrix subtitles. slides updated and translated to Spanish slides updated and translated to Spanish
Summary: freed-ora f23 repos
GNU Linux-libre 4.3-gnu
Cleaned up wording in DeCentOS link
GNU Linux-libre 4.2-gnu
Reelaborando o PS.
Vade Retro: próximos capítulos, advertência da SPC.
Vade Retro!
Added f24-detesting.
Detux slides: license confirmed.
Detux slides: illustrated my parts.