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-- Anonymous, Thu Dec 13 22:42:28 2007

Hi Alexandre:

I´m Ignacio Castillo, I wish to make clear two points: 1) What Aaron Benites posted is real, and only 2 replies were given to my post of november 2007(2 Mexican members), briefly, one was directed to say that in Mexican government corruption is nature, adn ealing with this will not change life. The other was asking for the document related, because he were related to Morelos State government. So as I said those two members and you received the document I was dealing.I think IEEE R9 Virtual Community is not the forum, acoording to their objetives and IEEE realy have the rigth forum.

2) The IEEE Society of Social Implications of Technology has an Virtual Community open to IEEE members, you dont need to be an SSIT member. I really think that following this topic could be positive in a Society interested in ethic, environment, technology impacts and other problems that envolves engineers activities. (Even in past I was an IEEE SSIT member, and I still belong to their forum). so in order to respect objetives for IEEE R9 VC, last Jan 12, 2008 12:37 AM

I posted on the IEEE VC R9 the following note:

last Jan 12, 2008 12:37 AM Aviso a la CV: El tema relacionado con "prácticas monopólicas ..." que yo mismo propuse lo he colocado en el foro de una Comunidad Virtual adecuada para el tema: La VC of the IEEE Society of Social Implications of Technology (SSIT), allí se tratan temas de ética en la ingeniería, entre otros, y el tema esta disponible desde hoy 12 de enero; lo encontrarán con un tono más general como "Monopolistic practices in the technology´s industry"

I hope to see you at that forum for constructing a positive position for dealing with a critical view the microsoft and intel acts. Let me tell you that 2 years ago I tried to create a R9 chapter of this SSIT, it was not easy, but maybe in future...

best regards


-- Anonymous, Wed Jan 16 23:58:45 2008