In long-ago blog posts, I expressed concerns that a few people within the FSF were pushing to alienate people such as myself, who insist on keeping the FSF faithful to and focused exclusively on its single-issue mission and goals.

I found it surprising and worrying that this focus was not a given; that, like freedom itself, it needs to be defended. I never stopped supporting the FSF, but that push that I sensed made me more cautious.

During my recent trip for LibrePlanet, I was fortunate to have, or at least start, long conversations with nearly everyone in FSF staff.

I'm happy to share that I don't sense that push any more. It's gone! Indeed, I felt surrounded by deeply-caring allies, focused on our shared fight for software freedom for everyone. So I'm confidently back to my full-hearted support for the FSF, and I hope you can do so too.

FWIW, my canary remains alive, but now singing joyous melodies.

So blong...