As 2023 comes to a close, I see people all ready to throw it away like a piece of garbage, refocusing their hopes and wishes onto 2024.

I, in my definitely autistic loyalty, perseverance, and resistance to change, will keep on for a while longer hoping for 2023, at least in hindsight, to get better :-)

No, no, this is not a curse, I don't mean getting better relatively to upcoming years, I mean a more positive perception of what came to pass.

That as time goes by, we realize good things that we haven't noticed yet started then; that future beautiful and fruitful trees, figurative and actual, have their seeds, their birth, their growth, their maturity, their offspring, whatever, traced back to 2023 and other past years that so far still look grim to us.

But this doesn't stop me from wishing everyone not only a better 2023 in hindsight, but also a great 2024!

May it bring us all peace, tolerance, respect, livable environments, good health, and freedom, so that we can dream, and pursue our dreams.

Happy GNU Year! ¡Feliz año GNUevo! Feliz ano GNUovo!

So blong,