The job of a lighthouse is not to drift along with the currents, but to unwaveringly resist tides, storms and pressure, serving as a reference point, a guiding light, a strong foundation.

The FSF has done a great job resisting corporate pressure and propaganda that attempts to push public opinion towards self-defeating behaviors. It has also stood strong in preserving its mission, of defending freedom for all software users, from submission to other valuable social justice causes.

I trust the FSF to keep on playing these key roles in our social, political, and ethical movement, and that's why I have been a vocal supporter for over 30 years, even when I was unclear and got misinterpreted, and I encourage you to support it as well.

There are many ways to help the FSF and the Free Software Movement. If you can, please join, or renew your FSF associate membership, and help us select future members of its board of directors.

So blong,