FSFLA confirms presence at FISL 9.0

Brazil, March 13, 2008—One of the greatest Free Software events in the world is coming up: the ninth edition of "Fórum Internacional de Software Livre", to be held on April 17-19, 2008, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. As expected, FSFLA will be present, and it hopes to count on your help!

We thank the event organizers for offering us a booth, from which we intend to spread the Free Software philosophy, distribute flyers, T-shirts and other gifts, as well as raise funds to carry out our mission: to defend freedoms and rights of software users and developers.

We invite our supporters to help design, organize and prepare materials for distribution at FISL, as well as to lend us a hand at the booth, during the conference. In addition to our eternal gratitude and that delicious feeling of fighting for a good cause, what we have to offer are some FISL expositor badges, and the gifts themselves, that we give not only to those who make monetary contributions, but also to those who donate efforts to our organization.

In order to help, subscribe to our list for organization and planning of participation in events, at the address eventos@fsfla.org, and write about your ideas of topics and drawings for pamphlets, T-shirts, buttons, key chains, stickers, mugs, pens, and other materials that might be attractive to spread the Free Software philosophy and our campaigns, as well as to raise funds. Also visit the wiki to see what we have already planned and prepared.

If you're available to share responsibility for the booth for some time, you'll be very welcome. If you just want to drop by and chat, make a donation and take a gift, we'll be pleased by your visit. See you there!


FSFLA joined in 2005 the FSF network, previously formed by Free Software Foundations in the United States, in Europe and in India. These sister organizations work in their corresponding geographies towards promoting the same Free Software ideals and defending the same freedoms for software users and developers, working locally but cooperating globally. For more information about FSFLA and to contribute to our work, visit our web site at http://www.fsfla.org or write to info@fsfla.org.

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