• FSFLA is still a project, not a reality yet

We are working towards a strong and healthy FSFLA, laying out the groundwork for an organization that will centainly far outlive us all. This takes careful preparation and lots of work, most of which is still ahead of us. We are glad of the recognition for the need of FSFLA, and we wish to ask you all to bear with us and be patient, so we can build an organization worthy of your support.

  • The working team is not FSFLA's board

Those currently working on FSF-LA are a group of people that are strongly committed to Free Software, and who share a vision of what FSFLA should be and what it sould do. Our work here is to build the infrastructure, and only then populate the roles with the most qualified person for the job. We're still some time away from that point.

  • FSFLA will not attempt to represent anybody but itself and its work

The "LA" in FSFLA's name merely reflects its membership's main area of provenance, and its main area of activity. FSFLA's role is one of service to the community, not of representativity or regional integration. It s ambition is to be useful and helpful to all members of the community. FSFLA is aware of the hard and excellent work done by members and organizations of the Free Software community, and will encourage all individuals and organizations to work together as much as it makes sense, and be open to everyone who wishes to help it in its mission. Hopefully FSFLA will become a gathering point for members of the community, but it will assume no representation of anybody who doesn't freely feel identified with it.

  • FSFLA will not be a federation of nations or national organizations

FSFLA will be comprised of individuals who share the values of Free Software, and who wish to support Free Sofwtare and be useful to the free software community through its work. As far as FSFLA is concerned, individuals don't represent any country or organization within it. FSFLA will welcome individuals based on their commitment to Free Software, not their affiliation or nationality. FSFLA will of course need to have a main seat registered in an as-yet undecided latin american country, and it will need representations in several countries in order to interact with local legal systems, but this will be a real-world implementation detail, not integral part of the design.