Issue #9
April 2006


FSFLA will participate in the Second International GPLv3 Conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on April 21st and 22nd.

FSFLA is cooperating with its sister organizations in the coordination of the activities around the update of the most popular and widespread Free Software license.

Up-to date information on how to participate in the process can be found in our web site, at http://www.fsfla.org/?q=node/60

FSFLA's translation team also produced a Spanish version of the first draft of GPLv3, to facilitate the participation of Spanish-speaking persons in the comment process. The translation can be found at

Work Teams

FSFLA's translation team continues its task of translating some central documents regarding the GPLv3 process. If you are a native English, Spanish, Portuguese of French speaker, you can help us subscribing to the translation team's mailing list at
Translators mailing list

Lawyers and people interested in legal issues related to Free Software are invited to join the legal work team's mailing list at Legal aspects of Free Software mailing list

An open invitation to participate in FSFLA, and instructions on how you can help are now available at How to participate

Happy Birthday FSFE!

FSFLA sends its best wishes to its sister, FSF Europe, in its 5th birthday. Since March 2001, our European sister works in defense of Free Software principles in different arenas, from international fora to the world of business, over education and resistance work against software patents and DRMs, in close cooperation with other community organizations of the Old World.

In your 5th year, FSFLA wishes you a very happy birthday, FSFE!


The Latin American Free Software Installfest (FLISoL 2006) was held on March 25th, with the participation of 100 cities from 12 different countries. Several members of FSFLA collaborated with the groups holding the event in different cities. In Buenos Aires, Beatriz Busaniche introduced the audience to the Free Software philosophy and explained to them the dangers of DRM, while Enrique Chaparro gave a talk on the GPLv3 process. In Mendoza, Juan José Ciarlante was in charge of coordinating FLISoL together with LUGMen, while in Córdoba, and as a member of GrULiC, Federico Heinz did an introductory talk on central points of the Free Software philosophy.

The 7th International Forum on Free Software (FISL 7.0) will take place from April 19th to 22nd in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In this event, which will have Richard M. Stallman as a guest, FSFLA will share a booth with its sisters FSF and FSFE. We will also give a talk introducing our work, activities and goals.

Also within the framework of FISL 7.0, but only on April 21st and 22nd, FSF will hold the Second International Conference on GPLv3. Several members of FSFLA will participate in the conference's panels, which will address different issues around the new proposed license, such as internationalization, DRMs, software patents and compatibility with other licenses.

As has become usual, the International Gathering of Free Software Women will take place in parallel to FISL 7.0, hosted by PSL Women. Fernanda Weiden and Beatriz Busaniche, both members of the project and of FSFLA, will participate in the event.

From May 3rd to 6th Federico Heinz and Fernanda Weiden will take part in the GNU/LinuxTag in Germany, sharing a panel and other activities together with the Free Software Foundation Europe. A few days earlier, Federico will participate in an event in Dublin, Ireland, on invitation of the Irish Free Software Organization.