Issue #7
February, 2006

January was a busy month. We've got good news on our main server, GPLv3, WSF, and more!

New Server

We're proud to launch our new, totally redesigned web site. It was about time! :-) Check it out at when you get a chance. The new server shall soon be running our mailing lists too. Watch out for upcoming announcements about changes in the mailing list names, subscription mechanisms, new mailing lists for working groups, etc.

Also watch out for announcements on new working groups, whose creation has been delayed mainly because we wanted to already get their mailing lists started in the new server.

Special thanks to Jonas Öberg of FSF Europe for helping us set it up, and FSF Europe for the offer to temporarily host our virtual server. We'd also like to extend our gratitude to LUNIX for having offered us system administration services, as well as hosting in one of their servers.


One of the most important conferences for the Free Software world took place in Boston, Massachussets, on January 15-16, 2006. The first draft of the 3rd major revision of the GNU General Public License was published, and FSFLA was there, represented by Enrique Chaparro, kindly invited by the FSF. Go have a look at the draft at if you haven't done so already, and be sure to submit comments you may have (that aren't redudant with prior comments, please! :-)

Latin America is very likely to be the home for one of the few conferences that are going to take place during the GPLv3 revision process. If you missed the first one, please keep an eye on our announcement list, for we are going to let you know the time and the place for the Latin American GPLv3 Conference as soon as it's scheduled.

World Social Forum

Beatriz Busaniche represented FSFLA in 3 events that were part of this huge meeting that took place from January 25 to 29 in Caracas, Venezuela. She was invited by Fundación Heinrich Böll, and proffered a lecture about Free Software.

Upcoming Appointments

Federico Heinz is going to visit Mexico and El Salvador in February, invited by Fundación Heinrich Böll.

Beatriz Busaniche is going to be in Cuba on the first week in February, attending `Feria del libro da La Habana´ and meetings with Cuban social organizations, members of academia and of the free software community.