Issue #6
January 1, 2006

Wishes and aspirations

A new year begins, and fo FSFLA it's going to be a particularly special one: It's our first year of formal work after our constitution and launch.

For this reason, for 2006, we have a huge list of wishes and aspirations that we expect to get to along with the Free Software community from all over Latin America.

We wish that in this year more people use Free Software, get to know and choose to join the principles and philosophy of freedom. We wish more people join free projects and, above all, that our community keeps on being as mighty as it has been up to now.

We wish that in this year, the governments of our countries understand the importance of our fight and adopt measures that enable us to grow by rejecting retrograde legislation in terms of patents and copyrights.

We wish that in this 2006, more children approach Free Software at schools and more teachers understand that nothing is as valuable as teaching to share freely and learn fomenting curiosity, so as to defent our right to learn, teach and share the cultural technique of our time.

An year ends in which we were just a project, and another begins that is going to be our first year of work as FSFLA. For this reason, in this January 1st we don't want to offer news, but instead share our deepest wishes and invite the community to be an active part of each
and every one of them.

A very happy GNU year! We shall hope to enjoy it in freedom!