Issue #2
September 1st, 2005

Work in progress
More than 70 people are subscribed on the mailing list and are participating in the discussions about the future internal organization of FSFLA. If you want to acess the archives, or subscribe to the mailing list, please do so here.

The proposed objective is to develop a new draft of the internal structure of FSFLA before the middle of September and define the legal seat of FSFLA on the October 1st.

As planned, the first General Assembly of FSFLA will take place in november at the "5tas. Jornadas Regionales de Software Libre" in Rosario, Argentina. In this event, FSFLA will have a booth and will participate in a couple of sessions. More info can be found here.

Release Actions
FSFLA will have a monthly column in the Brazilian magazine PC Master. This magazine is dedicated to Free Software and is one of the olders in that country. Beginning next month, FSFLA will have a place to release news about it activities and it sisters organisations, FSF, FSFE and FSFI, and about Free Software in general.

On the August 25th and 26th, Fernanda G Weiden participated in the "V Congresso Nacional de Software Libre", in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In the ending session, Fernanda gave a talk to introduce the Free Software Foundation Latin America.

Fernanda also went to "Congresso de Software Livre de Ourinhos", giving a talk about the same subject.

Meanwhile, Federico Heinz and Beatriz Busaniche have been in Canterbury, England, participating in the Workshop Copy/South at the Kent University. After that, Beatriz went to Dublin, where she had working meetings with the team of IFSO (Irish Free Software Organization). IFSO is a associated organisation of Free Software Foundation Europe.