This is FSFLA's number zero newsletter

This is our firt monthly newsletter to keep you informed on our work and activities in FSFLA. Every 1st day of each month, we'll be sending this newsletter to our announcement mailing list with a resume of our activities, decisions, and deliberations in the last 30 days.

New members of FSFLA's working team

The brazilians Luiz Fuzaro and Alexandre Oliva joined FSFLA's working team.

Luiz have been working in the last 20 years on IT as consultant, programmer, IT solution developer for critic business mission. He has technical skills on business administration, system analisys, databases and operational systems. He has been active in projects related to GNU/Linux since 1997, when he decided to dedicate his professional work entirely to Free Software solutions.

Alexandre is a Computer Engineer (1995) and master in Computer Science (1998). He works with free Software since the beginning of the 90s. Also he has been developing and promoting Free Software philosophy since the middle of 90s. He has contributed to GNU project since then, in projects like Amanda, Kaffee, GNU Libtool, GNU Automake, GNU Autoconf, Gnu Compiler Collection, GNU binutils, GNU libc, GNU debugger and some patches to the Linux Kernel.


FSFLA made its first oficial presentation during International Free Software Forum (Fisl6.0), the biggest Free Software event in Latin America, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Fernanda Weiden, Mario Bonilla, Luiz Fuzaro and Alexandre Oliva have been there, together with Janet Casey and David Turner from FSF (United States).

During the 2nd Congreso Nacional de Software Libre de Argentina, Usuaria 2005, members of FSFLA's team gave speeches on licensing, software patents and free software sustainability. Enrique Chaparro, Beatriz Busaniche and Federico Heinz were there, and Federico Heinz gave a keynote presentation about the GNU GPL license.

Also, FSFLA participated in the GNU/LinuxTag 2005, the biggest Free Software event in Europe, from 22nd to 25th of June in Karlsruhe, Germany. Fernanda Weiden, Beatriz Busaniche and Federico Heinz were in this meeting together with Free Software Foundation Europe team in one of their booths. Georg Greve and Federico Heinz gave a speech on Free Software philosophy and the FSF's network, specially the activities of FSFE and FSFLA First steps.

Work in progress

The FSFLA's team is working today on the legal and formal structure for FSFLA. Soon, we'll publish the internal organisation in which we are working these days.