Wow, it's April 1st. Yeah, don't believe the timestamp. It's in the wrong timezone.

This sounds like the perfect day (or night) to launch my blog. I can hardly believe it myself ;-)

In "Blonging for Freedom", I'll dump thoughts on Free Software morals, ethics, development, and whatever else seems relevant, interesting or not.

I've been meaning to do this for quite a while, but I just never got around to, because I was looking for a name I was happy with. I'd considered ChangeBLog and El Kablong!, but I found they were already taken.

But this time, I found it, and I'm grateful to Fernanda G. Weiden for the encouragement and for unknowingly helping me find the name.

Yeah, that's right! The other day, she was telling me how I liked to write and so I should have a blog.

I probably shouldn't mention she was politely complaining about yet another article I wrote that ended up too long. Oops, I just did ;-)

But yeah, that's right, I seldom catch myself rambling on and on and on. I really mean it! If I did, I probably wouldn't actually post them like that.

Anyhow, the idea that I write texts that often end up too long clicked. Blong!, I thought. Suited me well.

That was cute, but it wasn't good enough. It had nothing to do with the craving for freedom that I intended to cover in the blog. Then it occurred to me that "longing" was synonymous with "craving", and from that to "Blonging for Freedom", it was just a small step for a man (and an insignificant one for humankind, I must say :-)

Once I had a name I was happy with (like it? let me know! don't? that's ok, I don't care ;-), it was just a matter of getting clearance from other FSFLA members to use this space, such that I could use svnwiki markup without figuring out how to install it. And so...

Look, ma, here's my blog. Or blong.

Oh, by the way, I don't generally speak for FSFLA (and sometimes not even for myself!), so nothing in here should be assumed to represent FSFLA's opinions, positions, etc, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoy the trip. Post your comments here, or send them to me by e-mail:

So blong...