Some problems with deblob script versioning (linux kernel)

Andrey Aleksandrovich andrey.aleksandrovich at
Sat Jan 27 19:16:38 UTC 2018

Hello to All!
First of all, thanks for deblob script, which makes Linux kernel
@FREE. I'm using Gentoo. Our official reppository (Portage) provides
sys-kernel/gentoo-sources as default linux kernel for Gentoo
distriutive. Some time ago, our maintainers support "deblob" option
(USE flag in gentoo terminology) for sys-kernel/gentoo-sources. And it
was working fine.
But then, the problems with hash checking were appears (as one sais
"when they change the file while keeping the same name it will
The bug is here:
Please, take a look, aspecially comments 8 and 9.

Our maintainers removed support of the deblobbing. Maybe there's a
chance to bring it back.
Please, help if you can.


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