Some problems with deblob script versioning (linux kernel)

Jason Self j at
Sat Jan 27 21:44:43 UTC 2018

It seems that they're getting the scripts from the wrong place if
they're having problems like this. If they want to get from them from
subversion they should at least be going with releases, not from trunk.

and not

(The trunk URL at
shows points to scripts.)

A new tag is added to /releases/tags when changes are made. For
example: 4.9.2-gnu, 4.9.36-gnu, 4.9.41-gnu, 4.9.59-gnu. These match up
with kernel versions for when changes are needed.

Another option is to check this out:

For whatever version is being deblobbed you will find the deblob
script that was used to make that version of the kernel in the
appropriate directory.

Ignore the "LATEST" directories or it will likely cause them similar

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