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Omar Botta omarbotta at
Mon Sep 26 22:59:27 UTC 2011

I have been banned from Wikipedia, because the admins feel that erased
repeatedly complain that the article on VENENUX occasions GNU / Linux
was an act of sabotage.

Wikipedia is not free, is governed by the admins to impose censorship on
all that there is published.

This is the link to delete the article on VENENUX GNU / Linux, as


El dom, 25-09-2011 a las 13:44 -0300, dfm escribió:
> Hi all!
> I am who originally started the "linux-libre" article in Wikipedia in
> English ( I'm writing to ask
> for help. The English version of the article is much more smaller than
> it's sister pages in other languages. And it's been tagged as not
> notable enough to have it own page (see History Sep 10th, 2010).
> Personally I think this topic is very important. There are a lot of
> people out there thinking they're running a fully free operating
> system when there are not. Spreading an idea is as important as the
> idea itself. I encourage you to improve this article. Let the world
> know what we are doing :)
> If you want to help
> is a
> good source of reference.
> Thanks!
> dfm
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