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Felipe Sanches juca at
Tue Jan 11 01:40:42 UTC 2011

can anybody help me, please?

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 1:01 AM, Felipe Sanches <juca at> wrote:

> Good evening, freedom fighters,
> I am preparing some patches to Linux.
> This patch-set intends to add build rules for the keyspan_pda and
> xircom_pgs free firmwares.
> I'd like to get it reviewed by you guys before I send it to the
> linux-usb mailing list. I need some advice on the third patch since it
> is currently incomplete. I have added a build_firmware target to the
> Makefile in the firmware/ directory. This target will be responsible
> for invoking the Makefiles of the subdirectories where there is code
> of free firmware that needs to be built into HEX files. Currently just
> these two firmwares are going to be compiled by this target, but in
> the future I hope to see *all* firmware in Linux being built by this
> target :-D
> The issue is that I dont know exactly how to add this target as a
> dependency of the rule that converts HEX into .fw (binary ihex format
> used by the kernel). Can you help me fix that?
> Happy Hacking,
> Felipe Sanches
> PS:
> I will travel tomorrow in the morning and I'll be back to the internet
> on Monday (january 10th).
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