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Sun Jun 6 15:22:02 UTC 2010

Il giorno sab, 05/06/2010 alle 19.41 -0300, Alexandre Oliva ha scritto:
> Islene (wife) and I have been working on a T-shirt design for FSFLA at
> FISL, to promote the 100% Free distros, that people could print and use
> at other events all over.
> What we have so far is an early, low-polish draft.  It has few colors,
> so that T-shirt printing can be done at low cost.  Different colors for
> the letters will probably be needed for different background colors, for
> better contrast.  These same colors worked well with dark green last
> year, but we should probably use other colors this time.
> http://fsfla.org/svnwiki/blogs/lxo/draft/100freesoftware.png
> http://fsfla.org/svnwiki/blogs/lxo/draft/100freesoftware.svg
> Improvements to the design are welcome.

I'm thinking about the result of draw '100% libre' (or most of it) only
using the distros' names and using an optional tin and discontinued
outline when needed, not inside a char so strong defined. 

     u      e w      r i
     t    n     s  t     s
     u   g       e        q
     t           n        u  
     o          s        e
    X S       e        l

But in this case, i think the best result will be get drawing them by

me -> http://crap0101.gnu-darwin.org/
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