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Bruno Miguel brunoalexandremiguel at
Mon Jan 5 10:32:05 UTC 2009

> On Jan  4, 2009, Bruno Miguel <brunoalexandremiguel at> wrote:
> >> Are your .debs available for the general public?  Would you like to make
> >> them available, be it under say freed-ebian (alongside freed-ora,
> >> building deblobbed kernels as similar as possible to those of distros)
> >> or as part of Ali Gündüz's Freedom Shoppe project (most recent kernels
> >> for distros)?
> >
> > I could do it.
> Cool.  Are they significantly different from Ali's packages at
> ?
> AFAIK he builds them using the 'custom' kernel build machinery, rather
> than something more along the lines of pbuilder.
> Also, he builds them based on Linux-libre releases, rather than keeping
> them as close as possible to Debian's.
> I think it would be nice and useful for Debian users to have kernel
> binaries that are 100% Free, but that are as close as possible to
> Debian's in other regards.  E.g., running the deblob scripts on Debian's
> kernel source tree, deblob-checking it, and then running pbuilder on the
> resulting source tree.  This is what I'd call freed-ebian kernels.  Is
> this, by any chance, kind of what you're doing?

What I did was copying the .config from a debian stock kernel but didn't update 
it with make oldconfig. Then, I build it using this instructions:

> Regardless, if you could put your source and binary packages up
> somewhere people can reach them (maybe even an apt repo), I'd be glad to
> link to it off the linux-libre page.

That will be a bit more hard, since I don't have a server for them (too much 
money and I'm unemployed)

> > Just tell me if I have to give them specific names and version
> > numbers or something like that
> That's all up to you :-)  It's your builds, after all :-)
> Now, if you'd like to help with a freed-ebian repo and take that out of
> my own to-do list, I have a few ideas on how I planned to do it :-)

I can do it, but I won't be able to provide users the help needed when they 
find a bug. I'm no hacker.

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