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Sun Jan 4 21:34:17 UTC 2009

On Jan  4, 2009, Bruno Miguel <brunoalexandremiguel at> wrote:

>> Are your .debs available for the general public?  Would you like to make
>> them available, be it under say freed-ebian (alongside freed-ora,
>> building deblobbed kernels as similar as possible to those of distros)
>> or as part of Ali Gündüz's Freedom Shoppe project (most recent kernels
>> for distros)?

> I could do it.

Cool.  Are they significantly different from Ali's packages at ?

AFAIK he builds them using the 'custom' kernel build machinery, rather
than something more along the lines of pbuilder.

Also, he builds them based on Linux-libre releases, rather than keeping
them as close as possible to Debian's.

I think it would be nice and useful for Debian users to have kernel
binaries that are 100% Free, but that are as close as possible to
Debian's in other regards.  E.g., running the deblob scripts on Debian's
kernel source tree, deblob-checking it, and then running pbuilder on the
resulting source tree.  This is what I'd call freed-ebian kernels.  Is
this, by any chance, kind of what you're doing?

Regardless, if you could put your source and binary packages up
somewhere people can reach them (maybe even an apt repo), I'd be glad to
link to it off the linux-libre page.

> Just tell me if I have to give them specific names and version 
> numbers or something like that

That's all up to you :-)  It's your builds, after all :-)

Now, if you'd like to help with a freed-ebian repo and take that out of
my own to-do list, I have a few ideas on how I planned to do it :-)


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