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Bruno Miguel brunoalexandremiguel at
Sun Jan 4 17:25:18 UTC 2009

> On Jan  4, 2009, Bruno Miguel <brunoalexandremiguel at> wrote:
> > First of all, hello. My name is Bruno Miguel and I'm a Portuguese free
> > software user and advocate. I've subscribed to this list because today I
> > compiled and installed Linux-Libre under my Debian machine, after reading
> > the news [1] about the inclusion of blobs in Debian Lenny's Linux kernel.
> That was sad news, indeed.  Welcome aboard!

Thank you

> Are your .debs available for the general public?  Would you like to make
> them available, be it under say freed-ebian (alongside freed-ora,
> building deblobbed kernels as similar as possible to those of distros)
> or as part of Ali Gündüz's Freedom Shoppe project (most recent kernels
> for distros)?

I could do it. Just tell me if I have to give them specific names and version 
numbers or something like that, and how to do it, and I'll gladly make the 
available. If I can't code, at least I can help people get a Linux-Libre deb 
package for their Debian or Debian derivate GNU/Linux distribution.

> > In the Linux-Libre mailing-list info page, there is a language called
> > «portuñol».
> That's an FSFLA in-joke.  Our “official language” is portuñol, the
> language you get when a Portuguese-speaker pretends to speak Spanish, or
> vice-versa.  We use it to avoid favoring any of the two languages spoken
> in most of Latin America.
> Thanks for your concern.

Ok, then. :)
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