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Sun Jan 4 17:05:18 UTC 2009

On Jan  4, 2009, Bruno Miguel <brunoalexandremiguel at> wrote:

> First of all, hello. My name is Bruno Miguel and I'm a Portuguese free 
> software user and advocate. I've subscribed to this list because today I 
> compiled and installed Linux-Libre under my Debian machine, after reading the 
> news [1] about the inclusion of blobs in Debian Lenny's Linux kernel.

That was sad news, indeed.  Welcome aboard!

Are your .debs available for the general public?  Would you like to make
them available, be it under say freed-ebian (alongside freed-ora,
building deblobbed kernels as similar as possible to those of distros)
or as part of Ali Gündüz's Freedom Shoppe project (most recent kernels
for distros)?

> In the Linux-Libre mailing-list info page, there is a language called 
> «portuñol».

That's an FSFLA in-joke.  Our “official language” is portuñol, the
language you get when a Portuguese-speaker pretends to speak Spanish, or
vice-versa.  We use it to avoid favoring any of the two languages spoken
in most of Latin America.

Thanks for your concern.

Alexandre Oliva 
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