Linux-Libre under Debian

Bruno Miguel brunoalexandremiguel at
Sun Jan 4 05:01:33 UTC 2009

As I wrote in my previous (and first) email in this mailing-list, I compiled 
Linux-Libre under Debian Lenny. I'm not an expert in this (I can't code a 
simple hello world, except in HTML), so I have to ask what you may consider to 
be a stupid question

When preparing Linux-Libre for compilation, I copied the .config from the Linux 
version I had installed from the Debian Lenny repository. Since I don't know 
if Linux-Libre really removes the blobs or just deactivates them in that 
.config file, I ask if there is a chance that, by doing this, I may have 
compiled some blobs.

I know this question may sound silly to some of you, but please bare in mind 
that I'm not a geek or an hacker.

Bruno Miguel
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