Linux-Libre under Debian

Ali Gunduz gndz.ali at
Sun Jan 4 05:14:11 UTC 2009

2009/1/4 Bruno Miguel:
> When preparing Linux-Libre for compilation, I copied the .config from the Linux
> version I had installed from the Debian Lenny repository. Since I don't know
> if Linux-Libre really removes the blobs or just deactivates them in that
> .config file, I ask if there is a chance that, by doing this, I may have
> compiled some blobs.

Linux-libre comes with all of the non-free code removed from the releases.

.config file only controls which modules, that are provided in the
source package, are to be built (either inside or as loadable modules)
in the resulting kernel. Thus, it does not cause any external code to
be included and is no threat to the freedom of the kernel you build.

Additionally, I advise you to run "make oldconfig" to update your
config options to the kernel version you are compiling. You can read
my tutorial on this topic at


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