real time linux-libre kernel?

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Sun Aug 23 20:04:49 UTC 2009

Hi Wayne,

Quoth wayne:
>     could anyone point me in the right direction for where to find a
> real time linux-libre kernel, in particular for gNewSense, Gentoo, and
> Debian?  if nothing exists, is there a place to start learning how i
> could build a linux-libre real time kernel to share with the community?

Check out pro audio overlay for gentoo
( I haven't used it myself, but
hear very good things about it. They have a realtime kernel build,
rt-sources, which from looking at briefly I should be able to help
make libre only for you.

In my 'njw' overlay I'm currently maintaining a kernel-libre eclass,
which can slot into most kernel ebuilds very easily indeed. It just
switches the from using official kernel source to the libre one,
then just applying whatever patches patches over that.

In a couple of weeks, when i get more time, i'm planning to start
work on integrating my libre-kernel eclass into the main gentoo
kernel eclass. that sort of change could then easily be
accepted into the main portage tree, and then /any/ kernel could be
made libre just by turning on a 'libre' or 'linux-libre' use flag,
without any need for an external overlay or modification of ebuilds.

I don't follow the realtime stuff closely, but it looks like it's
making its way gradually into the mainline of the kernel (see, so down the road things will get
easier for you.

If you decide to go the Gentoo route let me know, and we can work on
getting the realtime kernel working there. With the proviso that
I'm desperately busy for the next 9 days, so can't really look at
stuff until then.

All the best,


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