real time linux-libre kernel?

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Sun Aug 23 21:19:49 UTC 2009

On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 9:22 PM, wayne<wayne at> wrote:


>     could anyone point me in the right direction for where to find a real
> time linux-libre kernel, in particular for gNewSense, Gentoo, and Debian?
> if nothing exists, is there a place to start learning how i could build a
> linux-libre real time kernel to share with the community?

Realtime branch of the kernel Linux is maintained as a patchset to
certain Linux releases. You can find these patches at The latest stable
kernel release supported by -rt patchline seems to be

I have never deblobbed or compiled or used a realtime kernel, but my
guess is you could follow these steps:

1) Download the vanilla kernel from and
uncompress it

2) Download the corrsponding realtime patch from
and apply this patch to the kernel source code (you can do a web
search to learn how to apply patches.)

3) Deblob the resulting nonfree realtime kernel with

4) Now, you should have a free realtime kernel source. After this
point, you can simply follow my tutorial at to build a kernel
installation package for gNewSense. Make sure to enable CONFIG_PREEMPT
and CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT during the configuration (the part where you use
menuconfig or xconfig or gconfig).

Beware, though, I'm presuming that the -rt patch isn't bringing in
anything non-free that the deblob script can't handle.

Happy Hacking

Ali Gunduz

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