real time linux-libre kernel?

wayne wayne at
Sun Aug 23 18:22:50 UTC 2009

ahoy all,

    first, sorry this post is only in English... my Spanish is getting
better, but still terribile.

    thanks for the work in providing a libre GNU/Linux kernel.  glad to
see so much attention and work into keeping things open and free.

    i am a composer/musician who works only in GNU/Linux/FLOSS/etc., and
i wanted to start using some of the libre distros for music making, in
particular gNewSense, Gentoo (freed), and Debian (freed).  however, they
do not seem to have any real time linux-libre kernels available.  i have
searched the archives of this mailing list, as well the web in general,
and have been unable to find anything on this.  obviously it must be
possible, as Musix and Dyne (both of which i still have to try) are
libre distros that support audio/video work with real time kernels.

    could anyone point me in the right direction for where to find a
real time linux-libre kernel, in particular for gNewSense, Gentoo, and
Debian?  if nothing exists, is there a place to start learning how i
could build a linux-libre real time kernel to share with the community?

    thanks in advance.

peace, w

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