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Mon Jun 9 05:05:53 UTC 2008

On Jun  8, 2008, "Luis A. Guzman Garcia" <l.guzman.g at> wrote:

> I'm Luis A. Guzmán Garcia from Mexico

Hello, Luis, good to see you here!

> AFAIK this list is kind of new, i would like ask if the linux-libre
> uses only scripts to remove blobs and non-free software (firmware,
> binary blobs, etc)

Yep, that's all for the time being.  It's all based on the work done
originally in gNewSense, then picked up by BLAG's Jeff Moe (later
adopted by gNewSense), and then picked up by FSFLA (later adopted by

> Besides, on gNewSense we have been working on the KFV (Kernel
> Freedom Verification) i'm sure you have heard of it.

I'm keeping an eye on it.  It's in my plans to extend deblob-check and
the deblob scripts so as to use the results that come out of this
verification.  I suppose we may find a need for extending the regexps
that match sequences of numbers interspersed with comments or so, but
I guess the other very important result from this verification is to
find out about obscure code developed under NDA, such that abiding by
the NDA causes the code to be too obscure to respect freedom #1.  It's
in my plans to add patterns to match such obscure code to

> So far, i don't see that our (i've done KFV myself) work has been used
> or maybe i'm not aware of that.

I'm afraid that's correct.  I'm sorry that I haven't had a lot of time
for linux-libre lately.  I hope the situation will improve after the
GCC Summit.

> FSFLA and gNewSense community (working on the KVF) join forces on the
> linux-libre project, would improve the manpower for it, and give the gNS
> community a stable updated kernel.

I can't hide it was my hope that gNewSense would adopt the newer
versions of linux-libre released since we started working together
with Jeff Moe on it, and that we'd be able to work together in the
KFV.  There's no doubt that we intend to use the results, it's now
just a matter of getting 'round to doing it.

> Maybe asking the chief developer (Brain Brazil) to join forces along
> with the gNS community, could be a start. That would be a win-win
> situation. :)


It just didn't feel right to invite him along at a time when
development has all but stalled.  Building newer freed-ora binaries
for BLAG and others to use isn't exactly progress or significant work,
you see.

> I'm sure a lot of people (even if we're not hundreds) in the gNS
> community would be interested. What do you think?

Spread the word, help is certainly welcome!

> Anyhow, i'll be around to help with ideas, some work if possible,
> sadly i'm not a programing skilled person. :(

Do you happen to have any experience with building .debs, particularly
kernel .debs?  If so, this is help we need in order to build
linux-libre binaries for gNewSense/uhurubuntu and freed-ebian.

Another bit that needs work is web pages for this project.  We don't
have any ATM :-(

I'll eventually get 'round to these if nobody beats me to them ;-)


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