Linux-libre & gNS KFV

Luis A. Guzman Garcia l.guzman.g at
Sun Jun 8 03:39:18 UTC 2008

This is the first time i write, so i'll present myself.

I'm Luis A. Guzmán Garcia from Mexico, now i'm working along the
gNewSense community  (mostly the Spanish speaking one)

AFAIK this list is kind of new, i would like ask if the linux-libre uses
only scripts to remove blobs and non-free software (firmware, binary
blobs, etc)

Besides, on gNewSense we have been working on the KFV (Kernel Freedom
Verification) i'm sure you have heard of it.
Even vome software has been developed to make this task easier, a
package browser and "checker" to define and upload on a text-table to
the website, that distinguishes them between free and non free software.

So far, i don't see that our (i've done KFV myself) work has been used
or maybe i'm not aware of that. The  BLAG script is been used.

What if?

FSFLA and gNewSense community (working on the KVF) join forces on the
linux-libre project, would improve the manpower for it, and give the gNS
community a stable updated kernel.

Maybe asking the chief developer (Brain Brazil) to join forces along
with the gNS community, could be a start. That would be a win-win
situation. :)

I'm sure a lot of people (even if we're not hundreds) in the gNS
community would be interested. What do you think?

Anyhow, i'll be around to help with ideas, some work if possible, sadly
i'm not a programing skilled person. :(
Luis A. Guzman Garcia
gNewSense Español/Foro

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