Fwd: [Es-gnewsense-users] kernel linux-libre 2.6.25 en paquete deb

Leo Arias F. yo at elopio.net
Thu Jun 12 15:26:24 UTC 2008


Vicente Herrera has just sent this message to the gnewsense's spanish
list. I'm forwarding it to the english list and to linux-libre, you
might find it useful.

He says that a deb package for linux-libre kernel can be downloaded from
and that it's copiled for amd.

He compiled it in order to have his sound card working, and he says
that the wifi on atheros chipset works too but apparmor it's not

pura vida.

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From: Vicente Herrera Cobo <trinux at gmail.com>
Date: 2008/6/12
Subject: [Es-gnewsense-users] kernel linux-libre 2.6.25 en paquete deb
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he colgado el paquete que he compilado para gNS 2.0 del kernel
linux-libre 2.6.25-libre1.

Dos detalles, esta compilado para amd (athlon, sempron y tal) y no
funciona apparmor. No sé la razón.

Lo cuelgo para la gente que no tenga sonido, por ejemplo. También
funciona el wifi con chipset atheros, por ejemplo.



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