This is a call for trials against all people that participated in invasions in the Middle East for crimes against humanity

Wars start with greed

The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq have been made up by people that have very strong economic interests in those countries. Examples of previous events like these are Vietnam, Grenada, India, El Salvador and many others. Those wars are supported by citizens of the invading nations because of the fear that their governments have ingrained in the minds of those people by ways that Hitler would have dreamt of. They make people think they are taking care of us (spanish)

Others have been prosecuted for the same behaviour

Wether war criminals are prosecuted (innocent or not) depends on who the winner of the war is. World War II criminals from the side of the loosing parties have been mostly the only ones prosecuted. It is undeniable that war criminals exist on all parties of a war. Soldiers are taught to hate their enemies' soldiers because otherwise they would not have the cold blood to kill them. This causes onto them to have very distorted views about their enemy. It dehumanizes them and makes them act in terrible ways.

Torture and inhumane treatment

Many have been killed, tortured and held captive even without proof of their involvement at war in violation of the Geneva Convention. All states that have engaged in invasions of Middle Eastern countries have signed it. Investigations of their participation in atrocities has not been made transparent. The stick by which the invading countries measure the invaded has not been used upon themselves. We can confirm it by watching a documentary about their prisoners

They are not that powerful and we can make a change

People usually think that since they have no money or power, we are powerless. But power comes from taking actions. Actively protesting and being firm about our values, makes us do great things; things that we might have thought of impossible. We can gather with others that have the same convictions and we will be heard because we are many more.

We should act as one in demanding that Bush, Rumsfeld, Chaney, Blair and other which have participated in the past and current violations of human rights or have not done anything to stop these atrocities from continuing including Merkel, Clinton and Obama be put to trail. Perhaps they will not be condemned as they should be. But at least they will stop doing such harm to these people.

We have a duty to act because, if we don't, we will to become accomplices.