If you want to motivate others to fulfill objectives, motivation must be intrinsic. In other words, they should originate inside the individual which we want to motivate. If we use prizes and bonuses, as well as punishments, fines and reprimands, they will prove to be harmful for motivation and performance.

According to Motivation and Payment, studying factors regarding performance for creative tasks throws the following results:

  • Positive feedback raises intrinsic motivation.
  • Performance independent payment has no effect.
  • Performance dependent payment reduces performance.
  • Negative verbal feedback reduces performance.
  • Punishment threats reduce performance greatly.

The most successful proceedure to motivate colleages and partners for creative tasks is that they need not to worry about factors related to other things besides the task and that they have positive feedback about it.

To find people's intrinsic motivations and to search for a way for them to fit into our projects is the best way to attain success for mutual interest projects. They will work armonically with the collaboration and effective interaction for reaching small and great goals.