Have you ever thought about what your taxes are used for?

If subsidies to oil companies and defence budgets would be put into healthcare in the United States, the expenditure on health would double. The greed and violence caused by oil companies and wars that the government holds all over the World since about 200 ago has devastated large populations Worldwide and has turned veterans into people with serious psychological problems. Being in a war can cause terrible consequences for life.

If transparency and accountability on the part of public institutions would be coupled with privacy and rights for the ordinary citizens, the real crimes (genocides and million dollar transfer of riches) would greatly diminish.

It is about time the USA government and corporations stay inside their borders. What would US citizens think about another country entering their territory as the USA does aboard? If you are a US citizen, do yourself a favour and ask your government to spend your money on stuff that you need. That would do us also a favour because that would keep your government off of our own country's policies.