A parody for the GNU Linux-libre 6.0-gnu release.

Lyrics written in 2022 by Alexandre Oliva and Jason Self.

Freedo and four light-blue Tuxes perform I'm Too Sixy on stage under colorful spotlights to an audience of light-blue penguins.  Sunglassed GNU appears in the center of colorful screens on both sides in the back, and a circle in the center displays 6.0-gnu.  Image by Jason Self from https://jxself.org/git/?p=freedo.git.

I'm Too Sixy

By (Copy)Left Said Freedo

I'm too sixy for these blobs
Too sixy for the blobs
Blobs going to leave me

(Verse 1)
I'm too sixy for this dirt
Too sixy for this dirt
Your freedom it hurts
I'm too sixy for microcode
Sixy of fetching blobs
Getting it cleaned up

And I'm too sixy for your license
Too sixy for your license
No way I'm hurting freedom

(Chorus 1)
I'm a kernel, that's reached version six
And I do my little piece for the freedom
Yeah, for the freedom, for the freedom, yeah
I do my little piece for the freedom

(Verse 2)
I'm too sixy for your code
Too sixy for your code
You can't control me

I'll give power to the people
And we'll use as we want
What ya think about that?

(Chorus 2)
I'm a kernel, you know that I'm free
'cause I scrub myself clean with the brushes
Yeah, with the brushes, with the brushes, yeah
I scrub a little dirt with the brushes

Too sixy for my
Too sixy for my
Too sixy for my

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